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  1. Utterly obsessed, it’s difficult to imagine someone living their life like that, but then he is a sellik fan
  2. With that kind of patter I’d have banned you too tbf
  3. State of that, fucking bespectacled mess
  4. I was banned to fuck a decade ago for Loyalist expression fuck them
  5. The sheep would get right behind him in his victimisation complex
  6. Bbc sports lauding him as a hero who “calls out racism “ fucking unbelievable
  7. Scotland has no freedom of the press anymore, sinnfein/snp have obliterated it.
  8. Jakey bastard with inferiority complex and anger issues, if he had no one to blame he’d have to face his own dysfunction.
  9. Absolutely, can’t wait for all our “Scottish “ newspapers to go under, Sportscene too, sadly bt and sky are also infested
  10. Good on the club, the stadium is in a very ethnically diverse area, get the people in, fuck sellik.
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