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  1. They spent 5 minutes just watching the offside over and over again and missed a clear foul on Watkins that should have been a pen if they weren't giving the goal. Beyond a farce.
  2. Yeah I think that's spot on. I just love that type of player that runs with the ball the way he does, and he's now racking up goals, assists and creating multiple clear chances a game. Must be frustrating for him because as sensational as they were against Arsenal that's two games in a row they've lost 2-1 and completely dominated. He's too good for Villa. Can't believe Matty Cash is a £16 million right back btw, does absolutely fuck all going forward.
  3. He's some player. I've actually taken to try and watch all their games he's that good. VAR continues to slowly kill football though.
  4. Can't be much worse! I'd be happy with someone like John Kennedy, or Martin O'Neill. If they do get someone like Howe who is a good coach with a similar style to our own management team then they're right back in it imo.
  5. Don't get me wrong I'm loving it, but it's just happening a bit too early in the season with too many games left to play for my liking.
  6. Nothing wrong with making those comments privately, but they're a bit silly if there's any chance at all of him joining us. Backs up what you and I were saying about the pull of Gerrard allowing us to punch above our weight when everyone wanted him about after the Livi and Hibs draws though.
  7. Yeah it's crazy how many times they've snatched an unlikely draw or win - Dundee United, Hibs, Livingston twice, Aberdeen etc. Yet they've also hammered teams by four or five. Our 2-0 win against them was absolutely crucial because it knocked the absolute cunt out of Duffy and the rest of them, and there's now a fear in their play whenever a match is turning against them, but that can easily change if they get a run of wins with these 'easy' games coming up.
  8. Stating the obvious I know but we just need to keep racking up the wins one at a time and keep piling on the pressure. An off day for us dropping 3 points and they're right back in it. They should have dropped far more points than they have but have snuck late wins and draws when they've been absolutely pish, yet win their games in hand and they're only 5 behind. We're in a great position no doubt but I'm not liking how many of us think it's won already.
  9. Yeah, absolutely. Proud of the effort they put it but they'll know that should have been two wins against one of the biggest names in football and best teams outside the top 4 leagues.
  10. Uses his body so well, cunts bounce off him. We've so many good players right now.
  11. They're a great side, but I'm gutted about that result. Players to a man put in an unbelievable shift.
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