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  1. You're both right and it's not all of one or the other. Think it's fair to be underwhelmed by a player based on their previous record and our history with players with a similar record. Equally you can't fully write someone off until they've played. It's definitely rarer for an underwhelming signing to turn out to be a cracking one than the other way around though.
  2. Bit disappointed in Ferguson but not that surprised. Would never change us not having Souness or Walter but would be interesting to see what would have happened in an alternate reality if he had taken the job.
  3. Good assist and brilliant free kick. I'd love him to go up a couple of levels and become a star for us the same way I hope all our best young players do, but I just can't see him getting there.
  4. Would imagine he's a cert to go to them unless they go for Hickey instead. Speaking of young players, really hope McPake realizes his potential with us.
  5. Was enjoying watching every Villa game until Grealish got injured, all their games have been absolutely shite since.
  6. Fair enough. I thought any 50/50 decision in the last 10 was going in Villarreal's favour but maybe that's because I wanted Arsenal to win.
  7. Only caught the last 10 minutes, but that ref clearly wanted to avoid any decision late on that might lead to an Arsenal goal. Pepe hauled down in the box, then a blatant obstruction that would have allowed Arsenal to get the ball into the box.
  8. I haven't seen much of Doig so can't really comment on him. Think Ferguson generally gets a rough deal though given how influential he is over a season for Aberdeen at still only 21.
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