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  1. Edgar definitely cry wanking himself to sleep tonight after that put down from Gerrard.
  2. Not hugely bothered by it and I'm desperate for him to become a huge player for us. Just a bit uneasy when what they've done could have had huge consequences if they hadn't have been caught until after being to training/in squads.
  3. Did really well. Feel a bit uneasy about how quickly he and the rest have been accepted back into the fold though.
  4. It's still fucking scripting games
  5. Surely only a big name has any chance of turning their support around in favour of their board? The only ex player I think they'd not see as an instant disappointment is Larsson, just for the emotion of it albeit he's done fuck all as a manager and I think they'd be shitting it that he won't cut it.
  6. Genuinely can't believe how this has turned out for Nathan Patterson. If Tav is out for a few weeks, Patterson could at 19 years old have had the chance to be part of a Rangers team winning the league at their dump. What an opportunity that boy has missed through sheer stupidity.
  7. Liam's on record as saying he does though, no?
  8. Not bothered by this latest deal, but I'd hate to as you say end up with something like the above. Wondering what the limit would be for @graeme_4 , @stevemac and others who have the 'more the merrier' outlook?
  9. Sad Patterson is caught up in this, but after letting things settle down I'm moving towards just getting rid of all five of them. For context, I wanted to give Edmundson and Jones a second chance. But it's fucking unforgiveable to have done what those five have after everything that's gone before it.
  10. He has brought abuse onto himself with his actions, but what the fuck possesses people posting they're going to burn his (or anyone elses') house down with everyone inside? The problem is now McClean is conflated with Rashford or any of the other dozens of black players who have had abuse online when the two aren't the same at all.
  11. That Barrie McKay would be playing in the EPL within 18 months of leaving us.
  12. Would probably prefer Jack at right back than Balogun. He spends plenty of time covering that side of pitch when Tav is up the pitch anyway.
  13. You're being argumentative for fuck all. But aye he should just aim to score another one or two goals then, fuck aiming to do better than he's done in previous seasons as why the fuck would he want to do that.
  14. He's more than capable of roughly a goal every other game and that sort of figure is exactly what he should be aiming for.
  15. He's capable of much more than he's shown of late, but anyone who doesn't rate him is blind. Double figures for assists and close to double figures for goals too, he should be aiming for 15 of each by the end of the season.
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