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  1. His Youtube vid was one of the most impressive of any of our signings in recent years, if the coaching staff can get that out of him consistently we'll have some player.
  2. It looked to me that Joshua started to work Usyk out in the middle rounds but couldn't build on it. Went 3-0 Usyk, 3-1, 4-1, 4-4, 6-4 (maybe 5-5 at an absolute push with tinted specs on), 8-4 or 7-5 in the end. Would have been interesting if it was Usyk's eye that closed up rather than Joshua's. Rematch probably goes the same way but it's mental the disrespect Joshua's getting in here.
  3. Great fight. Usyk won the last 2 rounds at least though
  4. What's everyone on about, it's 4-4 so far
  5. Best football post on here for a while.
  6. Yes well all want a Butcher or Gough but they're £60-80 million players in today's money. For Goldson's faults I think he's probably as good a centre half as we could ever expect to get in today's game for the level we're at and market we operate in.
  7. Roofe didn't have a great game by his standards but that's nonsense. You're blind if you can't see the difference between Roofe's link up play and Sakala. @KeyserSoze is spot on when he says you can always tell if there's natural ability straight from the off. Barisic is another who we all know started slowly but you could always tell he had bags of ability. If I had to put money on it I think Sakala will score goals here and there but I'll be astounded if in 9-12 months time he's a player we're fending off bids for and are wondering how we got him for free.
  8. Maybe but equally I think we should be allowed to judge what we've seen up to now. He's done next to fuck all in the games he's come on in too. There's time still but like Simpson I'm not seeing a player who's improving our 11.
  9. It was more a comment on he couldn't miss from there. He had two other good opportunities to score that I can remember, both instead of going across Kelly he went for his near post one saved and one well wide. I just don't see a player in him so far but yes it's early and yes he may come good. Technically he looks poor and he's just raw all around which at 24/25 isn't great. If you think that was a great performance from him then crack on.
  10. Two years down the line I'm not sure we'll see the at his best Jack from late 2019 again though.
  11. Really? Based on a one yard out header? His first touch was abysmal, he frequently lost the ball, and he keeps fucking shooting at the near post instead of across the keeper. He can run about a bit but on what he's shown so far he's miles and miles off the level we need. There's no cleverness in his play at all and very little technique.
  12. That's what's criminal. I know we have no money but the players brought in haven't come remotely close to lifting the level. Not one of them is an improvement when everyone's fit. Not one of them even fit that 'template' Wilson raved about in one of his interviews about what a Rangers player should be.
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