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  1. How many Bears did you meet at away games on Scotland trips? Or are you just basing it on @MrNoFacts on twitter thought so. Scotland away to Cyprus last November was my last one and every where you went there were Gers fans. Lots of the usual crowd who were in Braga last season too.
  2. I think they have a better calibre of player but aren't as well drilled. If we score an early goal it'll make the difference; falling behind could cause us problems. Clarke by luck has stumbled upon a formation there and Dykes & Fraser looks great. Jack compliments McGinn so well and we look so much more assured with him in the middle of the park
  3. It's also bizarre people are still of this mindset. Even up until the internationals in 2019, most folk at away games are Rangers fans. My FB and Twitter are full of bears raving about us, some of which aren't keen on international fitbaw.
  4. I'm amazed that boy on Follow Follow (New member yesterday) was able to get Castore to use the pictures he took for their launch
  5. Given we win the league I doubt Gibraltar get 2 qualifiers....
  6. I see nothing wrong with Robertson's comments; the problem we have is the narrative has been twisted already. The club need to be clear in their statements and have little ambiguity. What is also concerning is the number of racists on this thread who can't differentiate between BLM (Group) and BLM the actual point. BLM is not a new thing; go back to 2015 and Anthony Bourdain had a part of his Parts Unknown show when in San Francisco on it.
  7. Why was he specifically chosen to go up and speak?
  8. If it's been sent and rejected by the firewall then it will be easily retrievable by IT...
  9. There are only 2 options on the table now (the actual table), Play to a finish at some point or Null and Void. League reconstruction is not being discussed, and Hearts have already commenced discussions with legal teams and made the Governing body aware they will take it all the way if they are forced in to relegation.
  10. If they were mathematically out of reach they'd already be champions 😂
  11. If we'd been 13 points clear no person in here would be screaming for it to be voided. FWIW I would void it, either way, but if they don't then they're justified giving it to them. There'll likely be some legal challenges on the back of this but at the end of the day what's more important; a league title or folk getting better.
  12. Had planned to head up the Saturday and stay over before getting the train back down on the Sunday - Scotrail playing ball permitting.
  13. I still believe if that was like that at the start of the game it would have not gone ahead.
  14. Got a message there saying Hampden is in a bad way and was inspected tonight and there is a very high chance this will be called off.
  15. Has anyone see the McBurnie transfer? Not sure I've seen it posted.
  16. NYC is going to be the real deal. Ritchie-Holser was very highly rated at city and getting him is an absolute coup. These are all the Gerrard affect, and imagine more to come.
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