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  1. Nadal at French open is 108 matches with 105 wins. Thats unreal. Even more unreal is that hes not even left handed. Mental.
  2. Every cunt with a fiver. @ForeverAndEver what have you done for them to hate you so much.
  3. "Meanwhile, joining the Socceroo revolution at Celtic Park will be Summer Bay hardman Alf Stewart" 😂
  4. Free bet for everyone on the Hills scratch by the looks of it.
  5. A 17 year old article ? Am I missing something here ?
  6. Can someone whos on twitter do me a favour and do the #yourodds thing. Want to know the odds on us getting 10 in a row.
  7. Jack Hendry. Signed for £1.5million as a player with potential,gets better and makes euro 2020 squad,sold for £1.5million and according to the media about to get sold immedietly for a profit by Oostende. What a bunch of fannies 😂
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