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  1. Millwall beat them twice last season too. 1-0 both times. Huddersfield won 3-0 at Birmingham last season. Could be a good shout. Might go for that and add Juventus. Missing Ronaldo but Barca seem to be a bit of a mess the now. Messi situation, chairman resigned the other day,beaten by Real at weekend....
  2. I'm sure in todays society people will be raging cos the maker of it didnt use white bags.
  3. Kilmarnock have halloween a week early so it was always going to be a prank in hindsight.
  4. Gerrard: Take it to the corner Kemar. Kemar: Nah, i'll just score.
  5. My mums dead. What would she be doing on ur gay lover watching eastenders ?
  6. Also looks like @AlCapone's face when hes getting fisted.
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