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  1. Will no doubt be announced tomorrow, on a match day. Shower of incompetent fannies.
  2. Sore shoulder. Best plan of action ? Lean on sore shoulder,limp off,then run back on. Ajer= fud.
  3. Will cost us millions to replace him
  4. Barisic anytime 15/2. Penalty and free kicks taker....
  5. "The good news is we have found a solution to his problem, all being well he should be good to return in pre-season" In pre-season, not for pre-season. Might be weeks behind the others when he returns.
  6. A WWE belt in our trophy room. Lol. Cheers.
  7. Hopefully Gordon Ramsay gets a signed pot sent in and we can put that in there too.
  8. Not disappointed at all. Proud of you for not being in this hellhole country 😂
  9. Where were you staying ? I've lived here over 3 years now. Mrs is Maltese. Stay in Qawra.
  10. Is Andy Dibble one of them ?
  11. Fred Couples to make the cut. 5/2. Tempted with PP's offer of 5/1 from 5/2 on Spieth top 5 including ties.
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