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  1. Knocked Pulev out then just fucked off out the ring and spoke to Mayweather ringside.
  2. Joshua 240lbs. Usyk 218lbs. Hope Usyk punches his cunt in after what AJ did against Pulev.
  3. People die but are not forgotten. Here's to the big man. RIP.
  4. ACL tear for Edouard tomorrow please.
  5. Was it not about 9 players earlier ? Great news to hear its only 6 now.
  6. I'd love to give you a couple of jabs, followed by a hook. Fanny.
  7. Little bit more unfortunately.
  8. PP doing West Ham v Leicester both teams 2 or more shots on target each half 7/1. Decent live chance imo.
  9. Crystal Palace were linked I think.
  10. I'd leave McGregor in Glasgow. Need him 100% for the OF game.
  11. What is the correct term for mongo please ?
  12. That is correct Miss Vorderman.
  13. Arfield is on £12,000 a week.
  14. Not that much to be fair given we got him for free. £3 million all in over 3 years.
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