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  1. Get this game done with early and get minutes into Jack.
  2. Theres probably a way to get a bit of profit, then still have the free bets to play with. Not a chance my heads working it out though.
  3. Khan v Brook confirmed. Pity its 5 years too late.
  4. @EverestGers Anything you can do here ? Can you just pay off the last 6 months of his contract ?
  5. Denmark will win it anyway. Fuck Scott Brown
  6. Been discharged from hospital 👍
  7. You do realise it's November 2021 now ?
  8. Theres a free fiver at Hills for some live bingo like deal or no deal.
  9. Does Kent not have a £20 million buy out clause ? But in 6 months he's into the last year of deal, same as Morelos. Their value is dropping.
  10. Please close this thread. He's fucked off. Good riddence.
  11. Koeman will be linked later today from what I've heard.
  12. Barcelona have just hired someone from Qatar league...😉
  13. He laughed at £5million for Paterson. Wonder what the prick will offer being on the other side.
  14. Has the video been confirmed as being from today? Getting public transport with your agent,while carrying a suit, to meet another club, is taking the cunt.
  15. McAllistair has previously been assistant at Villa, and caretaker. If he loved it there he could be off.
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