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  1. Reports suggesting celtic ready to build a snowman in centre defence position and drop Duffy. Not sure if they're true.
  2. Aye dont post a bet before. Jinxing bastards in here. If anyone posts im waiting on this to come in it never does.
  3. "celtic draw with Hibs despite 13 players isolating after positive Covid-19 test" Media trying to make it look like it was a good result. Terrible result and terrible performance.
  4. Hibs need to go for them with the Duffy situation, much like they did back in 2014 when they got reinstated to Champions League when Legia fielded an ineligible player. 3-0 Hibs win all day long imo.
  5. Squad depth is impressive. Scary subs bench. Glad its not us they're playing.
  6. If you're Jack Ross you're probably not long off the phone to Liewell offering you the job for a favour.
  7. Called this a wee while ago. And Hibs playing a 2nd string cos they're scared to play against a Covid team ahead of a cup semi in 2 weeks in which no Old Firm team is in. Shambles.
  8. There's been no official announcement on the 13 who are isolating. Could be reserves. And they now have Hibs weakened with players not wanting to play ??? Its going to be a strong 11 vs a shite Hibs. Fuck me they are cunts.
  9. They have absolutely no class. A cunt of a club from top to bottom
  10. Tonight: celtic 0 Hibs 4 Tomorrow: celtic apply to have the game forfeited and it being awarded as a 3-0 win for Hibs. Wouldn't surprise me tbh the manky pricks.
  11. They two centre defenders are probably better than Duffy tbh.
  12. You lived. Don't worry. This isn't a dream. 55 incoming.
  13. 100th Rangers goal in the next Old Firm game please.
  14. Taking an inured player on a pointless trip to Dubai. Fuck me they are thick.
  15. Surely to fuck if it's Julian who has it he has been dealing with the physio, who in turn has probably been dealing with most players days after a game. Anyways, this is glorious.
  16. You just know their tactic will be to niggle Morelos and wind him up in the hope we go down to 10. Hope he doesnt bite.
  17. If they get found guilty of any wrongdoing celtic should be made to play with their youths. Naw wait they already do. Pervy maky club of the highest order.
  18. A yard or two quicker and he'd be world class.
  19. Might look into that myself just to say for the first time in ages that I've no had a losing coupon.
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