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  1. Most important partnership on the pitch, and we change it every bloody game.
  2. To be honest I think our fullbacks get a hard time because the way we play relies so much on crossing. I remember reading an article a few months ago talking about how crossing is the least effective way of scoring. The statistics was something like on average only 1 in 60something crosses across the top 5 leagues in Europe results in a goal. When you consider that’s some of the best players in the world included in that some poor delivery’s from our fullbacks are to be expected. Much bigger problem for me is how flat our two groups of three our in our current formation. First half today was the most dangerous we’ve looked all season and it’s no coincidence that was also when we had our best movement up front. We need more bodies making runs and getting in the box from midfield, something that doesn’t happen with the way we set up and play.
  3. Yeh don’t disagree with that, although I just can’t think who out of the current squad could play as a box to box midfielder? Something needs to change though, apart from the first 45 today we haven’t looked threatening at all going forward all season, and we’re not solid enough defensively to be winning games with just the odd goal.
  4. I just think our 433 is far too flat, our front three play too far forward and just leave themselves static and easily marked with the midfield staying behind the ball. Would rather see us in a 4231 with an attacking midfielder in the no10 (Hagi is perfect for this IMO) and players dropping deeper, dragging defenders out of position and creating room for runners to move into. Edit: should add the improved movement was noticeable in the first half from the attacking players, second half they reverted back to how they’ve been all season and were too easy to defend against.
  5. Terrible signing, made worse by the fact we’ve let Katic who’s 10x the defender go and kept this imposter. To think we could have had Goldson, Helander, Balogun, Katic and Edmundson going into this season, even with Helander out that’s a solid choice to play and yet we’re in the position we’re relying on Simpson is fucking frightening. Questions need to be asked of whoever made these decisions.
  6. Fucking shocking to come out of that with a draw. Gerrard needs to sort this shit out.
  7. Fucking infuriating that seems to be our only plan when things get tough.
  8. Good to see the subs, but would rather take off either Kamara or Davis and really go for it rather than 2 attackers off for 2 on.
  9. Need a bit of fucking intensity now. 20 mins should be plenty to get another goal against this lot if the players give their all.
  10. Fuck sake lost count of how many times we take too many touches when we get in the box.
  11. Decent half. Keep that up into the second and I’m sure we’ll get a second and put it to bed early on. Sakala, Roofe, Wright working well, movement up front is so much better today.
  12. That would be absolutely fucking sensational. Would love to see them squirming, trying to find a way out of that one after starting all this shit in the first place.
  13. Of course there is, because there’s far far more people now vaccinated than unvaccinated, and the majority of those unvaccinated are in the younger age groups less likely to be effected by covid. This article explains it pretty well here: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/scitechdaily.com/more-vaccinated-people-are-dying-of-covid-in-england-than-unvaccinated-heres-why/amp/ This from the bmj shows the unvaccinated face 11 times the risk of death from the delta variant than those fully vaccinated: https://www.bmj.com/content/374/bmj.n2282 I guess it depends who you trust for medical advice. Highly qualified academics who have spent their lives researching these things and treating people, or some random nutters online without a gcse between them.
  14. Why not just use the travel part of the covid pass that shows proof of vaccination records without a QR code? I’m assuming it’s on the NI app the same as the English one.
  15. I’m not too worried about the fact we lost to Lyon. They’re a very good team worth more than we could ever compete with and we always knew they would be our hardest game of the group. My worry is we can’t allow this slow, uninspiring play and lapses of concentration to become regular this season. We’ve not been at our best so far and need to turn it up a notch or two, do that and we’ll be fine for most games this season.
  16. Was just about to post both Wright and Roofe look like they’re putting in a better performance than anyone who started already.
  17. But you need that creativity to get the ball forward quickly to the no10’s. When you have a slow build up allowing the opposition to get players back, and no one running on from the midfield it’s almost impossible for them to do anything.
  18. One thing I just can’t understand is how we’re still crying out for a creative midfielder who can make things happen. Lost track of how many transfer windows the whole fan base has been saying it.
  19. Don’t think we’ve been too bad at all, we’re certainly still in this. Just wish we would try and play quicker passes and open them up through the middle. Too slow to move the ball to then just play it out wide just allows them to get men back and pack the box.
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