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  1. This is really close. Got Dubois a couple ahead now but that eye is fucked.
  2. Dubois showing signs of how dangerous he can be in that round, much closer fight than I expected though.
  3. Much better 2nd from Dubois. Joyce is so slow and clumsy looking.
  4. He apparently sparked out Joshua though.
  5. Looking forward to Dubois v Joyce tonight. Only seen Joyce a couple of times but when I have I’ve thought he was very overhyped, slow and easy to hit. With Dubois power I think he’ll KO him inside 6.
  6. Need to rest as many as possible. Shame Patterson is out so Tav can’t have a rest but at least a few like Goldson and Kent can rest before the Christmas period.
  7. Frustrating, but they’re a top side and I think before both games we would have all taken a draw. Must make sure we don’t dwell on this, move on and get back to winning ways.
  8. As much as I’ve had a good laugh to myself when I saw the score, I’m actually a bit disappointed because there’s no way Lennon stays after this...
  9. Looks like it, hopefully it comes back to bite them on the arse and COVID rips through their squad now. And what about Ajer and the other Norwegian who were only allowed to travel home if they isolated for 10 days? celtic just blatantly ignored the rules and nothings been said...
  10. To be fair they clearly don’t understand the concept of isolating with Ajer, the other Norwegian who’s name I can’t spell, and everyone who came into contact with Turnbull all involved today...
  11. Hope so, but unless I’ve missed something it looks like no one is kicking up a fuss about this, it’s all been swept under the carpet in true fenian style and will be forgotten about in a few days. Only hope they get what they deserve is if COVID rips through their squad now.
  12. Yep was thinking the same. Hopefully due to their blatant disregard for the rules turnbull has now passed it on and it will spread like fuck.
  13. How the fuck have they got away with this? Two players who should be isolating and they just say fuck the rules and no one says anything? And Turnbull travelling with the squad before testing positive yet apparently he’s been in contact with absolutely no one?
  14. I agree. Providing we don’t collapse like we did after Christmas last year this season will be won and lost by the OF games. They might be shite this season, but they’re still better than the rest of the shite in our league.
  15. Didn’t see that angle, for me it looked like he was very lucky not to make a proper contact and potentially cause a serious injury, 10 years ago maybe a yellow but these days it’s a red all day long.
  16. Agreed, the way he went down and the fact there was no appeal made it easy for the ref not to give it imo.
  17. Agree with everything but thought the one on Roofe was blatant red, reckless and dangerous. Stream was very laggy at the end so didn’t see the Kamara one.
  18. If they didn’t then they’ve broken anti doping rules by him not telling the club and authorities where he was when he wasn’t training. https://www.thepfa.com/players/anti-doping/testingwhereabouts (not sure if the link is just English players but the rules are pretty much the same in all sports and leagues)
  19. Then why have 8 Aberdeen players had to isolate when only 2 tested positive? One rule for one...
  20. Has to now surely if not they’re just blatantly taking the piss. Sheep players who broke just the football rules who didn’t test positive had to isolate the taig who also broke government rules must have to? Or are they allowed to just do what the fuck they want?
  21. Didn’t get paused when Aberdeen had players out, but as soon as a taig has to isolate...
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