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  1. There any radio coverage of this? Decorating this weekend so can’t watch on tv.
  2. Eddie Howe got homesick at fucking Burnley. And they think he can come up to Glasgow, manage in the old firm in a cluster fuck of a season like they’re having and do a job? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Fucking brilliant! Now we have to make sure we extend the lead tomorrow!
  4. As they’re isolating as contacts, it’s 10 days from the contact. I’d imagine most of them are contacts via travelling either on the plane or the coach to/ from the airport so it would be 10 days from the day they flew home.
  5. Hahahahaha fucking get in!!! Dropped points in the easiest game of the three 😂😂😂
  6. Talk about fucking karma. Those arrogant bastards think they’re above the rules, go to Dubai for a ‘training camp’ and take a player on fucking crutches with them. Player on crutches then catches covid and 13 players, the manager and his assistant all have to isolate 😂😂😂 hopefully it rips through the squad now and there more cases and players in isolation by the end of the week! If carlsberg did training camps...
  7. Haha fucking brilliant! I’m guessing they’ll miss both livi games aswell?
  8. Thought him and Kent were both so much better today. Those two hit the form we know they’re capable of in the second half of the season and the leagues done and dusted.
  9. Have to be after sharing a plane for 6+ hours with a positive case. I’ll be amazed if by the end of the week there’s not another 4 or 5 minimum.
  10. I’m 99% sure the whole plane has to isolate. Remember there was a full fight in the summer where about 20 ended up testing positive, all on the plane had to isolate.
  11. Make some subs ffs. We’ve got a man advantage (and have for nearly an hour)and yet we’re looking the more tired.
  12. How the fuck can he have that much space when we’ve got an extra man? Terrible defending.
  13. Can’t remember who it was but after he did an interview with sky at the start of the season someone on here posted ‘Hayes looks like he washes his face with wasps’ 😂😂
  14. If Kent and Morelos get back on form 55 is confirmed!
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