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  1. Dirty fucks, every time I turn round those cunts are tripping over more money.


    With the money they got for van dick and now this money for hairdo, these cunts have brought in more than they spent again, even after spunking money up the wall for that striker.

    Sick to my stomach. They better get pumped out the CL.


  2. 9 hours ago, K.A.I said:

    You don't need to convince me of anything mate, I get it. I totally get it. 

    He's a prick. I don't forgive him myself - but he's an upgrade on Foderingham and will do us a turn. Think of all the stupid goals that clowns cost us against celtic past 2 years - that's the way I'm looking at it nowadays. 

    This will annoy the taigs as much as it annoys some of us (just as a side point for a wee bonus)

    If there's anything in the Lucas rumour, just imagine our early business reads Arfield, McGregor, Lucas and Skrtl ... McGregor would be a small part of a bigger picture in what would be some incredible early business. I'm looking at it that way. 

    Aye they are going to think we are making a new expendables movie, a bunch of past its, with no resell value... Yay!

  3. They have made the blueprint, its harder to come up with a plan than it is to copy someone elses, look at them and copy what they have done.

    It shouldn't be too hard for the board. We need to start buy getting our hands on all the best youth in Scotland, promise them top flight exposure and be damned with the league as long as its top 4 and european football, instead of buying golden oldies at huge prices in wages to complete for a year or two. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, London Calling said:

    What do you mean mate? 

    They are spending 70 million a season just to maintain what they have right now, if they lost their 30 million champions league money in 2018, if they made 25 million in January doesn't matter too much over all. Now it means they don't have to qualify for the CL in 2018 to breaking even, if they get 25 million in January and qualify for the CL in 2018 and get 30 million from that we are even further behind financially, well Lets just hope it never happens.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Trooblue said:

    Poor though we are at the moment, I actually don't think we'll be behind Aberdeen at the end of this season, but even if we were, we surely don't need a manager whose claim to fame is that he can come second to celtic.  As I said before, his record in England was dreadful. The fact that his name isn't Pedro is not enough, surely? 

    I'm a big fan of Derek, aye he is coming second because taigs have 20x his budget, getting taig reject players and loans from them what can he really do? Nothing. With his budget and his limitations he looks like a decent manager. Let's not forget he lost a few players at the start of the season and stitched another team together with nothing. Guy is a shoe sting magician. Give him a bit of money and who knows what he is capable of.

    I reckon we will finish second too, but if he beats us to it he should get the Rangers job.

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    7 minutes ago, Trooblue said:

    Let me get this right. McInnes failed miserably in England and his Aberdeen team get gubbed by celtic on a regular basis, yet somehow he is the man to take us forward and put up a major challenge for the title?  I must be missing something about this ace coach. What is it? 

    He's doing better with Aberdeen with 1/10th our budget than Pedro is with 10x his. His first loss in the league.

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  7. 28 minutes ago, The Dude said:

    Not sure about the minimal cost to implement tbh. Would need to have an array of cameras at every game give VAR more than one angle to work from (Most SPFL games out with the Premiership are filmed with one or two cameras).

    The guy watching the screen is no less human than the guy with a whistle and is just as prone to making mistakes. Like this clusterfuck...http://www.espnfc.com/video/mls-highlights/150/video/3178514/watch-kaka-sent-off-after-bizarre-var-ruling

    It's 2017 you can buy a fixed point HD camera for £250 1080p 60fps. It's not 1985.


    You could cover the whole stadium with maybe 10-15. Link them all up maximum cost 10-15k per stadium.

  8. 5 minutes ago, big blue Fin said:

    Can't we just wipe out the refs instead?


    I'm all for VAR technology I watch Rugby and American Football both of which use it and for the most part it clears up missed calls by refs but as shown by the recent use of it in football the referees attempting to use it were still incompetent.

    Like every bit of technology ever, it starts out full of flaws but used over and over they are ironed out and you are left with a half decent system.

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