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  1. If that wis the only announcement that's some elite trolling.
  2. Ma pal who's a sheep shagging cunt told me we'd fucked our "lead" over they child rapist bastards back in September an they'd stroll it. Fucking weird bunch, so obsessed fur celtic winning yet claim to hate both equally??? GIRFUY FENIAN AN SHEEP BASTARDS
  3. Mon the famous fuck the ra
  4. Paid for "RangersTV 2 Day - Unlimited" through ma VPN but I've no a clue what am actually getting, am a thick fuck but does this get me today's international stream?
  5. VPN loyal here, trying to buy a pass an the button is greyed out?
  6. From a Gers points of view, aye this season it's been needede, but I fucking hate it. Am not a fan.
  7. Would've been a staunch bet, that.
  8. £1048. I kept rolling accumulator winnings over one weekend. Came down to Barcelona on my final accumulator. When they went down to ten men I knew I'd fucked it, but because of another leg I wasn't able to cash out. I only actually lost £10 of my own money but it still makes me feel a bit sick having pissed away a grand. 😂
  9. Lots more bigotry needed imo. Fuck the tarrier bastards.
  10. That's fucking amateur, that. No doubt it'll be cunts who only want to go to the big games an all though.
  11. Aye except I bet half of em never been near a woman in their lives
  12. Am a fat fuck and the puma ones woulda strangled me in medium.
  13. Sounds like it depends on the bus then, thought as much but if you don't ask...
  14. Am gonna join my local RSC so I have less chance of having to fanny about trying for tickets in future and I've asked for a form, but how does it tend to work for tickets with these? I realise it might work different on a club by club basis but is it a case of sticking in your request then they do a ballot or is it typically first come first served? I'm guessing the number per club depends on fixture as well.
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