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  1. Sure. Right before I introduce my fist to your face
  2. Don't think I've ever posted in this section Needed to express my love for Theme Hospital though!! So many hours spent playing that. Makes me wanna play it again
  3. Just tried the play £10, get £10 free for new arcade players...luck has ran out now
  4. Thank you for this RFC! Tried my free spins on roulette, didn't get past about 30 quid and then lost what I did have. Had a little look at the other promotions and tried the 10 free spins on the spiderman game, decided it was shite. Thought I would try my luck anyway and use the promo where you deposit £10 and get £20 free to play on the spidey game....just withdrawn £200! All this and I didn't realise that I had a betfair account Ta muchly
  5. Hows it going?

  6. Hiyaaaa......

  7. howdy nottingham ger =) x

  8. I've got this wee beauty however mine is pink! Gorgeous laptop that runs like a dream - at that price i'd say it's a bargain! I bought it for the full price in october It's blu-ray and although it doesn't say in the description, you also get a built-in webcam and bluetooth This one is the Studio 17...basically the same just with a 17" screen. However you do get a smaller hard drive and memory.
  9. Miss_K

    Pixelated Images

    Noooooooo I love my Dell lappy It's sexual.
  10. Miss_K

    Pixelated Images

    Yay! I sorted it! Found that shift + R inproved my image quality, but had to do that everytime I opened a new browser window Eventually made it here: http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/showthread.php?t=73631 Where I found that using a web accelerator might help...downloaded the one from the T-mobile website (I'm using T-Mobile Web n Walk Mobile Broadband) adjusted the settings on the accelerator and bob's yer uncle! Crystal clear images Thanks for you help peeps. Especially you Speuan...you helped a lot
  11. Miss_K

    Pixelated Images

    I've also already done a system restore My laptop was fine when i was using it last night. I downloaded nothing last night, no updates were installed...it shut down normally and hasn't been used today until I got home from work...then this
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