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  1. Ibrox dodger u still pretending u attend games.......with u even daying posting on here
  2. I,ll be there the morra cheering on my beloved blues will u
  3. Doesn't mean anything sounds about right coming from a self confessed staunch ibrox dodging fat mess. Jog on taigs boy........it's not my fault I missed all the taig games at Ibrox ?????? your like shouldn't be on here snagging off real bears disgusting you've not been bannned
  4. Your a rabid white wearing robe taig......any cunt who refuses to attend ibrox has no place to speak here yer honking and outed
  5. Yer a taig who won't go to ibrox nothing more needs said your views are irrelavant. Any stain who would rather give money to the enemy than the club he pretends to support is irrelevant
  6. Full oh shit ya fund starving cunt. On here calling fans taigs and you won't give the club money because yer a card board cut out fuck off ya stain
  7. So now we've established you don't attend games..........wtf are you doing on here ya mess. You taig will lie dormant for years sneaky beasts
  8. But but but I was working ????????
  9. Kaiser attending 4 or 5 a season does not mak u staunch, you know ur a mess on here 1000% FACT T
  10. Don't hide the fact u don't attend but are on here slavering shite ya mess
  11. We all know ur 10% games a season man ya brew brawling mess
  12. Oh seeing you know every 49k every week attending a better be precise or are you saying you don't attend every week ? Which is it fat mess
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