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  1. Hope they’re sitting near me I could do with 2 weeks off work 😂
  2. Win tonight and I’d say we’ll have a good case for why we would have won it if the coronavirus never happened after the competition gets suspended then cancelled
  3. We seem to pay off a lot of our players that’s why I assumed he’d be paid off but I’d obviously rather we could get another team to pay a fraction of his wages on loan for the last year of his contract
  4. He was perfect for one of the inside forward positions we have in the team but Gerrard clearly thinks after his injury he isn’t at the same level he was so he’ll be another one we have to pay off.
  5. McGregor, barisic, Helander, Edmundson, Jack, Aribo, Hagi, Kent, Morelos. That’s about all I would keep.
  6. Not saying your wrong mate just don’t think we can attract a manager of the level we need so would probably just be another punt.
  7. No idea who we could even get if he does go
  8. Had a great cross across the 6 yard box too which no one was there for.
  9. Kamberi trying to beat Umar Sadiqs record for most offsides in one match
  10. Correct but I couldn’t be fucked walking to spoons after I missed my train 😂 should have showed the driver my Rangers top and I’d have got on for fun
  11. No everyone’s flavour but it feels like bliss for me rn
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