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  1. They’ll fine us for anything, got an email today about CF5 saying that m people standing on the steps could lead to possible sanctions
  2. I seen someone else on Twitter saying that he was just trying to play along and not cause a scene. Any self respecting Rangers fan wouldn’t sit there and listen to it let alone sing it.
  3. Is he a Rangers fan? I don’t know any Rangers fans who sing tarrier songs.
  4. Aye some Rangers man he is, going about singing rebel songs with a massive smile on his face with all his taig pals and filming it too so he can show it off.
  5. Nah would just rather our players weren’t Fenians tbh.
  6. He quite clearly is but I kinda thought folk would use that to try and get him out of it. Same way folk tried to convince themselves Cardoso never actually said mon the celtic that time a few seasons back.
  7. The boy is fucking any chance of a career with us by being a mong.
  8. Agreed mate said that to my lass when she said why you so annoyed just cause they lost. There’s a way to lose where you can keep some dignity by putting everything into the game and just falling short but they didn’t look like they gave a fuck yesterday that was the worst part.
  9. Lloyd


    Didn’t even know he got sent off tbh
  10. It’s a fake story the guy has made up. What are the club supposed to say?
  11. Another fucking plastic pitch
  12. On for the last 20 against Sunderland on sky sports the now. Playing RB and looking decent.
  13. Think the big man will stroll it up here. Needs to bulk up a bit he looks ill. Get Boyd in as dietician.
  14. It’s a role you need a lot of footballing intelligence to play and Arfield has proven that he has that in abundance. Was looking at the average positions for the team against hibs and we basically play a 3241 when we attack.
  15. Arfield is in position. It’s his job to drift into the centre of the pitch and find pockets of space then Tav gets forward to provide width
  16. All it did for me was make me want to win by more tbh 😂 weird time to do it when you’re being pumped 6-2 on aggregate
  17. No doubt that the huddle they did before the second half was his idea too. Fenian bastard.
  18. Steven Gerrard remained coy when quizzed over his apparent gesture aimed at Erik Sviatchenko following Rangers' 7-3 thumping Europa League aggregate win over Midtjylland The Ibrox boss appeared to make a ‘zip it’ action as the teams made their way down the tunnel at full-time. But the Gers boss played it cool when asked about the incident after the match which comes following the former celtic defender's claims the 39-year-old was an "apprentice". Gerrard said: “He had obviously been speaking quite a lot through the media over where he is from. So it was just a little send-off
  19. That’s a disgrace after the game he had, every time he touched the ball he put himself into space or was running at goal. His tracking back was excellent too for Aribos goal he’s ran back to our box to hassle their player.
  20. Halliday and Flanagan. He’s correct
  21. 1 decent delivery in 90 minutes.
  22. Why would we pay him off we’ll be able to find him a club easily enough I’d say.
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