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  1. Played this mode for the 1st time last night. It was fun jumping into a truck and going on a suicide run into enemy lines ­čśä
  2. Its a must-have if you're playing Battle Royale.
  3. To quote Leslie Phillips "Ding Dong"
  4. I was privileged to meet GS at a book signing in the St Enoch Centre a couple of years ago. He looked in tremendous shape and was in great form.
  5. It's great that those kids will soon see Rangers lifting a major trophy and know that the team they support are winners.
  6. I used to buy the DR but you're spot on-every Rangers story over the last few years is negative and the "feel-good" stories are all about celtic. A bit of peer pressure on here also helped me kick the DR habit. Get the "i" newspaper now but no doubt someone will tell me why I can't buy that either!
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