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  1. The original was superb.
  2. I like The Hit List, but ITV's The Void (with Ashley Banjo & Fleur East presenting) on Sat night was crap
  3. JRM would wipe the floor with dornan in a head to head debate.
  4. Men of Harlech is another belter of a Welsh song.
  5. Can't be arsed with that, just want to play the objective.
  6. Been playing a lot of plunder quads but getting a bit fed up of squad leaders always wanting to drop in storage town.
  7. BBC Scotland website leads with "Scotland fans clean up London after Euro celebrations" How public-spirited of them. I wonder who made all the fucking mess in the first place.
  8. My idea of a typical tartan army recruit is a guy in his mid-fifties wearing a Glengarry festooned with badges. Not the sort I'd wish to associate with.
  9. Giving clarke the same critical scrutiny as the scottish press give nippy
  10. That was a very cheesy pun.
  11. Top pic features Iain Ferguson (See Rab Wilson's post in the Ally Dawson thread). Whose signatures are on the programme?
  12. Sad news. First player I ever met in person. My autograph collecting hobby started with his signature. Best wishes to him and his family.
  13. Stewart Kennedy- a caricaturist's dream.
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