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  1. Moving forward is the number of players needing replaced that are coming up for contract end. Next summer Mcgregor, Goldson, Balogun, Davis and Arfield will need replacing if no new deals. Then we've got Kent, Morelos, Aribo, Helander entering their final year. Big overhaul on the horizon for sure.
  2. I don't think they'll be able to get a top class manager until the summer, when they can completely change the squad. They need someone that can be a stop gap like when Hiddink was in charge of Chelsea. Improve results, keep them up and then move on.
  3. Yeah long term they need the infrastructure in place to develop and attract top talent. Short term they need a better manager than Bruce. Someone that can keep them up and essentially be a transitional manager.
  4. Just know castore will be on this 🤣
  5. I get going long ball and Alfredo not holding it up as well. We just don't seem to hold onto the ball. Last season we pressed got the ball, kept it in the opposition area especially late in games to see it out. I don't buy for a second our players are just going fuck it let's drop back and let the opposition come at us. I think it's management instructions trying to change approach from last season and it's not working.
  6. We've seen games like yesterday from morelos where nothing is coming off. He really should have been subbed off. It's a catch 22 here as just dropping him might not work. Strikers are always confidence players. End of last season we had morelos and Roofe up front with Kent playing behind them free to go where he wanted. We should give this a go again as I think Morelos and Roofe work better up top.
  7. We're failing to keep things solid at the back. 9 league games and we've only managed 3 clean sheets. We can't look to grind out 1-0 wins conceding goals like we have been. The other issue for me is we are sitting too deep. We aren't pushing up enough and making things difficult for the opposition late in games. Just letting them come onto us. That's an issue with tactical instructions and fitness.
  8. The issue is we've still not delivered a performance over 90 mins. A lot games so far it's been 1 good half and 1 shite half. Today felt like a straight copy of Motherwell game. Great 1st half and rank 2nd half. We've got to be more consistent over the course of the 90 mins as well as clinical up front. I also still feel Gerrard's decision making with subs isn't effective enough. Today morelos should have been off he was having a nightmare game. Other games we either wait too long or leave players on who are falling out the game.
  9. So far off the required standard from us, it's unreal at times. I feel like we're back to Gerrard's first two seasons in charge. Totally reliant on our CF for goals with rest of our players not chipping in. Then leaving ourselves open, especially when we decide to sit back and try to see out a 1-0.
  10. Enough chances to have been out of sight. Didn't take them and got punished. Why we sat back in the final minutes I'll never know. How many times have we been burnt trying to see out a 1-0. Manager fucked up leaving Alfie on, everyone could see he wasn't having a good game.
  11. Fuck off man. Don't take your chances and this is what happens
  12. English FA don't allow live broadcast/stream from 2.45pm to 5.15pm. SFA agreed to it as well when putting out thier games in England. It was actually brought in during the 60s as owners worried attendance would drop if fans had the the option to watch from home. Feels outdated tbh. Fans will attend games regardless if they can watch it on TV.
  13. Hibs came to Ibrox thinking the same and hopefully we can burst this lots bubble just like we did them. We need more of that 2nd half performance today.
  14. They can't take we ended the tainted 10 and that they are struggling again this season. It'd pathetic how they look for any reason to feel offended.
  15. Sadly a predicable outcome. Uefa put out stuff like the no to racism campaign but it's just talk. They never take proper action. They just let clubs and countries like this with repeat racial incidents carry on doing it.
  16. Failed trialist with his mock outrage again. 55 really did break this lot didn't it
  17. Yep fury would easily drop the WBC belt if he didn't fancy fighting the mandatory. He would still be the lineal champion and can easily lay claim to being the best heavyweight. I don't think he will but. If Whyte gets past Wallin that will the next one. I don't think Whyte can win but it will be a cracking fight. Be good to see Whyte finally get a world title fight. Guys been mandatory for so long.
  18. It was a horrible gameplan for sure trying to outbox Usyk. I expect he'll bulk up and go looking for a knockout this time. I just don't think he'll be able to land it. Usyk movement is unreal.
  19. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barasic Lundstram Kamara Aribo Hagi Morelos Roofe
  20. Yep must win for AJ. Feeling is Usyk beats him, then AJ and wilder meet.
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