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  1. We have not really played well in the last 2 games vs them and still came away unbeaten. I really think we'll see us go up the gears for this one. Players will be up for ending thier season and ramming Kennedy ridiculous best team in Scotland comments down his throat.
  2. Central midfield needs strengthening in the summer. Jack injury record means we can't rely on him for a full season. We also need to be looking for a long term replacement that can takeover from Davis. It won't be cheap so the big money available needs spent in there.
  3. I've no doubt we'll be prepared. We've had them come all guns blazing the last 2 and still they couldn't win. Today wasn't great but we still won. I think we'll go up a gear next weekend and end their season. JK comments about being the best should be extra motivation to shut them up
  4. Not at our best but still winning. Onto the scum next weekend.
  5. They seem to think the last 2 games are some kind of turning point because they played better lol. The last one they had 2 weeks to prepare to play us. We came in off the Sparta match and they still couldn't beat us. I didn't even feel we left first gear that game. I genuinely belive we're due a game where we absolutely smash them by a few goals. Scottish cup would the ideal time to do it.
  6. They won't do silence for our armed forces/veterans. Refuse to display poppies and now can't show any decency or respect when a royal passes away. Honestly bunch of scumbags
  7. McGregor Patterson Goldson Helander Barasic Davis Kamara Wright Hagi Kent Morelos 2-0 win morelos and kent.
  8. I reckon they'll go for some ex taig like o'neill, Lambert etc before they give Kennedy the job.
  9. Well earned new deal. Been excellent when he's been called on. It will be interesting to see who goes now. As we have Goldson, Helander, Balogun, Simpson, Edmundson and Katic coming back from injury. I'd say Edmundson away on a permanent and Katic away on loan for a season.
  10. I honestly think no manager worth a damn will touch them right now. Howe at this point imo is using them to try and generate some interest down south. I'd be delighted if they handed Kennedy the job. No chance thier hordes will buy season tickets with him, leaving them struggling even more financially lol.
  11. Wasn't it not long ago they said they didn't talk about other clubs 不 Please let Patterson score on the day.
  12. Get in pepe. Right fucking round you Prague
  13. One of many problems they have 不 When the loans go back and Edouard Christie and Ajer fuck off as in last year. They'll need at least 5-6 players already. The funniest part is the scum support still genuinely belive they can do all this in one summer lol.
  14. Let Patterson score to send them right over the edge 不
  15. DR - how dare howe use scum fc to get himself a better job in England 不不 We can all see it coming. Keep linking themselves to managers to get the hordes to renew. Then boom someone like clarke comes in.
  16. Arsenal have been struggling tbf. Europa is their only shot at getting champions league. Hopefully gives them extra incentive to knock these bastards out.
  17. Imagine the conversation with prospective managers trying to sell them these two lol. No manager worth their salt wants to come into a job without people they trust. Lennon only agreed to it because he would have done anything to be given the scum job permanent.
  18. I genuinely think he's using them now to generate interest down south. The absolute scenes if this all falls through. Comedy gold 不 If he does end up there I agree he'll be struggling. For all the he took Bournemouth up chat he didn't half get backed financially to do it. On top of that he's a plan A type manager. He wouldn't change even when Bournemouth were sliding down the table.
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