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  1. Gollam got replaced because of an injury, I thought they said on Sportscene it was the fourth official turns out it was a scum fan.
  2. Should have been Wright for Roofe. It's not the right game to bring Bacuna on, he just isn't up to speed with the way we play yet. If you're replacing Alfie it's got to be Sakala for his pace
  3. Go 1-0 up and the usual suspects drop down to "going through the motions" mode again
  4. Should have been done and dusted long ago. Pathetic
  5. I think in Lundstram we've found the perfect replacement for Steve Davis with the added bonus he can score goals
  6. Could see one of theirs getting sent off if the ref does his job
  7. It's only a matter of time before we give one of these teams a doing. A say go for it
  8. Whit happened to fury's defense, he's leaving himself to open
  9. Wilder not carrying the extra weight very well
  10. Fury doesn't look as focused as last fight
  11. Whits the predictions? Fury - R10
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