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  1. There was a few crackers on ff they'll be appearing on here shortly no doubt.
  2. They cunts are the cherry on top
  3. The real message ggbddbfdg.mp4
  4. Sometimes you just cant escape that bubble
  5. Who had Spiers in the Null and Void bingo on Scotland Tonight calling for a stop to ALL football. Creepy bastard
  6. Am havin a Corona and watching Sportscene right now
  7. Canny take him serious when he's sat there dressed as the milk tray man.
  8. Hate 3.00pm kick offs on a Sunday, working back shift means I miss the game. Ach just need to watch sportscene and laugh at the seethe
  9. A guy supposed to be injured and out for 4 month carrying crutches in one hand and a bag in the other, tells me he's a big shite bag and intentionally missed the old firm game. Hopefully falls down the stairs and does himself a real injury
  10. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6508827/celtic-jullien-glasgow-airport-dubai/ celtic ace Christopher Jullien holds crutches as Hoops land back at Glasgow Airport following Dubai trip celtic are back in Glasgow following their winter training camp in Dubai - with Christopher Jullien spotted holding his crutches. The Hoops controversially jetted out to the Middle East just hours after their 1-0 Old Firm defeat last Saturday. Jullien walking down stairs holding a bag in one hand and his crutches in the otherCredit: Willie Vass - The Sun But SunSport pictures have
  11. Loose lips sink ships, Lennon's a grass.
  12. They play hivs on the Mon night, definitely the potential for riots with their Dubai antic's and if they slip up on the night
  13. Just depends how you interpret the conversation
  14. The name of the new strain they bring back from Dubai
  15. It'll be Covid -21 when we beat the sheep on the 10th
  16. Am surprised he got through passport control wae that coupon.
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