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  1. Some UEFA designated areas too. Option to buy other seats but the email isn’t very clear, granted I’ve only read it once quickly.
  2. Hard school this. Judged after 3 games wouldn’t expect anything less. Just remember Arsenal wrote off Kamara, bet they’d take him now
  3. Hibs away a few weeks back. Felt like a big result
  4. Wish I still lived next door to my tarrier neighbours for tonight, had to endure that prick and his fireworks when we weren’t even in the league to defend it. Might take a drive past with the tunes on tomorrow Natural order restored! Yasssss
  5. Fuck it, league is ours and we will still win this too. Get it right up the lot of them
  6. Whoever it was that asked Arfield about 7 attempts at a trophy under the manager never had the bollocks to actually put that question the manager. Shitebag
  7. Dave has done a great job - this is clearly a roll of the dice at an exit plan though, if we the fans don’t take it up he will be have clear conscience to accept any other offer. It’s a tall order to expect club 1872 to get enough engagement to do it. I’d prefer registered fans be given the opportunity to buy individually at the prescribed price and limits. Perhaps the credentials to buy could be existing season ticket holders or Mygers members only as of 1st December 2020.
  8. My understanding is club1872 will have option to buy their allocation keeping % the same. What I would say is that they need a lot of supporter engagement to pull this off successfully. The PR machine will need to start asap
  9. I think it has to be a positive thing. As someone posted earlier, it’s a good mix as the share holding will be large enough to stop or at least strongly influence against any potentially damaging decisions in the future but nowhere near a majority whereby heart over head fan decisions might equally damage our progress too. For Mr King it is a handy exit strategy and timed well when we are all feeling positive about the future. Optimistic loyal here
  10. A good interview, big Wes comes over as a likeable guy. I think it is a bit naieve of him to think that by playing the Warburton philosphy week in week out in the SPL would work the same way as it had done. We were already starting to get found out a bit in the last month or so of the Champ season so Barton was probably correct, the soft centre of our squad just didn't enjoy the way he went about it rightly or wrongly. It was very clear Gerrard didn't fancy him from the off but fair play to Wes as he has stuck in and got himself back as the No2 and in to some cup games. As above, leaves with my best wishes.
  11. Gazza on itv4 just now England v Spain euro 96. What a player - privileged to have him at that time
  12. We’re supporters when it suits them and customers the rest of the time. What other businesses would get away with not even mentioning the fact we haven’t had a good chunk of what we paid for and ‘great news it’ll be the same price’ for something else you’re not going to get. if we are truly supporters and not customers we should be getting shares or similar for our support, even if those shares are donated to a fans group(s) to be held in trust.
  13. Santiago Wanderers green strips were inspired by the Irish FA, one to avoid. Joking apart they have a British history in their origins too.
  14. NEIL LENNON WONT WIN NINE IN A ROW, NINE IN A ROW! Get it right up them. Re-set let’s go (again) Get it right up them, the only silver lining to this shite
  15. I didn’t say I believe it but I’ve heard it from a usually reliable source it’s an option being looked at. sadly for us they still win it here in that case
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