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  1. McGregor's so much better than that tit Wes it's frightening!
  2. Enough already! He's an attacking midfielder. Lots of people on here have said so, so it must be twoo. He's absolutely nothing like Glen Kamara. No siree bob!
  3. Hiv. He's shite. We'd have been better off signing Glen Kamara who's a better all-round player. Loan signings like this rarely work out. Zelalem, Dom Ball, Oduwa etc etc.... The defence rests m'laud.....
  4. Ejaria...... " Aht's jist won us ra league..... so it huz "
  5. HE IS ???? Must be good then. Welcome to Rangers Ejaria!!!! # Let's Go! WATP! No Surrender!
  6. Think...................Sean Goss and Matt Crooks. Yup, you've got him now. We're not learning from our mistakes of the past. A signing I'd expect from the loaf.
  7. If this is the type of signing we're hoping to topple celtic with then we'll all be old and grey before we get a sniff of 55. Basically......................... he's shite.
  8. WoW!!! You figured that out all on your own? Tune in next week for copy and paste.
  9. Then we'll probably beat them at Parkheid 'n that'll won us ra league so it wull. # Let's Go! WATP! No Surrender!
  10. Why the fuck is he in Ibiza? Hasn't he got more important things to be doing like closing the gap on celtic?
  11. He is pure fucking shite! One of the worst players ever to pull on the Blue jersey. Martin's gash, no doubt, but he''s ten times the player Moshni ever was or will be.
  12. He wasn't horrific at all. He got skinned at the death when he was out on his feet by a guy with fresh legs.
  13. Only on Rangers Media would you find a thread gunning down the best player on the park. The Tav-haters on here really need to have a word with themselves. Almost single handedly he dragged us back into that game yesterday when we looked as though we were on the verge of collapsing altogether and taking a right doing.
  14. Tav's one of the very few I'd keep. When we talk about Rangers players good enough for celtic's starting 11 he's the only one we have. He's a much better all-round player than Lustig.
  15. Tav was the best player on the park yesterday. . He was head and shoulders above everyone else.
  16. They're mates. Besides, Halliday's an out and out shitebag. Should never play for Rangers again.
  17. On a young player making his way back from a catalogue of horrendous injuries. Not only is Allan a jump the dyke , we saw today what a cowardly little bastard he truly is. Hope someone breaks both his legs soon. Should have been a straight red!
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