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  1. A lot of rumours up here that the thumb is about to sign for the sheep on loan. Seemly been spotted in Aberdeen a few times over the past week
  2. He will be reliving the 2003 title decider on bbc now
  3. Sky sports saying they are waiting for 1 championship club to vote
  4. Charles Patterson says early indications is that it was knocked back
  5. Butter, anal and Carla Don’t know who Carla is, but she has a surprise coming
  6. They can keep the Europa position they won by winning the league cup, but they shouldn’t be awarded anything else they didn’t win
  7. I do a lot of travelling for work (oil) and my work have said they will be surprised if we are to go away again in the next 5 months. If an oil company is saying this, then I cannot see any sport continuing with in this time frame
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