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  1. So would I, but it’s not really an apples to apples comparison, let’s be honest.
  2. Good poll, but I didn’t vote as there weren’t enough options to cover my opinion. That said, it’s too early to write SG and this season off. I also agree with those that said we need to match the Mhanks on transfer and wages. There’s still a gap, but the success in Europe (as well as commercial revenues) has enabled us to get closer. I know money doesn’t guarantee success but makes it more likely. If SG delivers the title he will have done so ‘against the odds’. And I think that would be true for any other manager if we were to sack SG and his team. Maybe even harder since any compensati
  3. You do come out with some suspicious posts. can’t tell if you’re for real or not. FWIW, they haven’t won a fourth treble, even if the SC of last season was played to a conclusion, the title was gifted, wasn’t it?
  4. If only he had the luxury of time, but as a striker, in our structure, there is no time, you need to hit the ground running. Roofe has shown more and he’d been out for 9 months before joining. I think thats the argument.
  5. Big question is whether Morelos is staying or not. If he does, he probably plays and that leaves Itten on the bench with some minutes when the game is done, or worse...if he’s expected to come on with pressure to snatch a goal. Itten is nowhere near up to speed and if he doesnt get a run of starts or does and doesn5 break through, he could be Very quickly labelled Herrera #2.
  6. But hold on there, because I don't think they've been superb all season. They haven't needed to be, when exactly have we been tested? Aberdeen (with no striker) St Mirren St Johnstone Livingstone Kilmarnock Hamilton Red Limps This was probably our first test and we lost 2 poor goals (forget the refereeing, it's not as if we stopped playing). There was a lot of football after Goldson gave the ball away, and for me that goal was 100% down to Helander. The first goal was typical - and we've seen it before, not stopping the cross, that was Ba
  7. I know, it amazes me how we always end up against a world class goalkeeper, so many of them up here and all seem to peak against us. Either that or most of our our shots at goal are average.
  8. Well said, no bullying allowed in Bearsden
  9. same mate, i was having to guess which box was sign in
  10. Exactly. SG conceded that we didn’t get out of first gear. That’s the problem with our team, if they don’t have to, they won’t. That said, when faced with bigger challenges I do think they’ll up their game.
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