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  1. Speculating here, but could be forward planning by Liewell. Regroup after the game at Ibrox, and if they lose it’ll be a chance for newly appointed coach to spend a quality week with his new squad.
  2. Really is. Camera angles and positions were dire, as if they didn't give a toss.
  3. Fucking gutted. Never thought we’d throw it away again. Deja vu. It hurt last time and again I cannot console myself. Away to bed.
  4. It’ll be our hardest game this season, 11 vs 11 we’ll do well to get a point. That said, I’m looking forward to this with huge confidence and I wouldn’t be surprised if we pull off another incredible win. I’m trying to keep myself from getting too excited though.
  5. Frankenstein’s Monster eat your heart out 🖤🥴
  6. Morelos to St Mirren so they can climb above Livingston and get that team and their abortion of a pitch so far to fuck out the premiership, would be good business imo
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