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  1. Totally. It was fine when Tav and Barisic were getting in behind and pulling balls back from the bye line. But Davis is giving them the ball closer to the half way line. And after that we just look a bit clueless and hope that Kent creates something out of nothing. A worrying lack of direction or willingness to change it either.
  2. Spot on. Why do we always feel the need to shoe horn in a third. We could easily have Davis and Kamara in front of the back four. And bacuna etc in number 10 role or a second striker.
  3. I think everyone understands how important it is we qualify. I just think it’s as good as done. Bookies have us at 95%. Whether we rest a few players and that makes us 94% vs a full strength team makes us 97% isn’t enough for me to warrant risking an injury to Kamara or Kent or sapping the energy out of Davis legs. The only way we don’t qualify is through some absurd bad luck or a red card. Sunday will be extremely high tempo and I’d rather have our best players fully fit, refreshed and raring to go.
  4. This is a side who won about half of their games in the Armenian league and have already lost 2 in 4 domestically this season. celtic beat them 6-0 a few years ago with a man sent off. A team of McLaughlin, Patterson, Goldson, Balogun, Bassey, Arfield, Lundstrum, Aribo, Hagi, Wright, Itten would have plenty to at worst get a draw
  5. Alashkert are 20/1 to qualify. The next old firm is so important. This league isn’t going to be like last year. Likely to come down to a few points and a 6 point swing might well decide the league. Guys like Kamara should be left in Glasgow. The difference between him and say Arfield is the difference between us being favourites next Sunday. People saying it’s fine because they will be on a private jet. just look at the stats of how teams play after long away European mid week fixtures. And it’s not pretty
  6. Balogun and Bassey were poor today. Helander is a better defender than Balogun and should start against celtic. They will target him with balls in behind and look to take advantage of his lack of pace. Whoever is playing LCM will need to sit a bit deeper and watch for those runners in behind.
  7. I love Davis but there is no way he should still be starting at his age. Arfield should have been moved on. Defoe is taking up valuable wages.
  8. Our problem isn’t the quality of Morelos, Kent etc or our full backs. the problem is a midfield of Arfield, Davis and Lundstrum is mid table SPL quality. I think I’d take St Johnstone’s midfield over those 3. slow, telegraphed passing out wide. None have the ability to shoot, play through the channels, collect the ball and turn in the pocket, beat a man, or play fast passes to release our wingers at the bye line. If you compare our team to celtic, I’d probably take every member of our best starting XI over theirs. Except their midfield trio is light years ahead of ours at the moment. Fingers crossed for Kamara and Jack with Bacuna in front of them being the attacking threat we need.
  9. A large part is the quality of our midfield 3. Lundstrum, Davis, Arfield and Aribo is a huge drop off from Kamara, Jack and a fit Davis. Our game is about getting the ball quickly to wingers and full backs in space. Our passing is so pedestrian. Kent gets the ball and there are 3 men on him. none of the midfield seem to drop into the pocket. Or have the ability to drive forward and take men out the game. Arfield clearly won’t cut it this season. Davis I fear it’s one season too many for him. And Aribo is better cutting in as a winger. we badly miss Jack and Kamara playing together. And still need someone to play ahead of them in the pocket. (Ideally someone who can shoot and make late runs into the box)
  10. We can’t afford to lose Kamara. The only one that can move the ball quickly, receive it in tight areas and pass through the lines. Arfield, Lundstrum, a 36 year old Davis. Huge drop off
  11. And the midfield offer no protection. Arfield occasionally gets there in time to concede a free kick. Davis doesn’t have the legs. We miss Jack and Kamara so badly
  12. He needs to hook Arfield at half time. Their high press means we need to play down the channels and he isn’t good enough to control the balls from Tav. Or come deep and play threw the lines
  13. You notice the difference in our attacking threats when we have Arfield, Lundstrum and an ageing Davis in midfield. they weren’t able to dominate the game and put Kent etc in good positions. I thought Arfield was woefully out his depth.
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