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  1. Tbf it's actually quite good for information about literally anything. Mind u I have had more than my fair share of complaints about my username in the past
  2. Did he also not say he always thought he was a 1 man club until he joined us as well, or words to those effects. Reckon he will be with us for some time now
  3. Agree, guys in here are amazing at times and from previous could never thank them enough
  4. Im dreading the headlines tomorro but fan or not it will over shadow everything the club has achieved this season and that part really pisses me off
  5. Appreciate that mate I really do think it all comes down to when I can get this wean out of hospital for any length of time Tbf I wouldn't mind getting along next season if things get back to normal and joining some of u guys for a pint before a game. Always noticed some come across as pure cunts on here but really u can tell they are really good bears with a heart of gold
  6. I'm meaning they knew weeks probably months ago that this was happening surely they could have had something in place to control the crowds in a respectable manner rather than saying they didn't expect the numbers that appeared???? Maybe I'm just talking shit because I've had a few beers too many tonight
  7. Abe no had a season ticket since I lost my seat in the club deck. I struggled to get the season before and since my wife died I've literally not managed a game since. Last year I was finally in a position where my children had got a bit older and intended to take my 2 youngest at least to games then covid hit putting an end to that but even if covid never came around I wouldn't have made any games after that due to my youngest daughters illness. Tough shit all round on my part but still I don't think it makes me any less a supporter
  8. Cheers mate but nothing wrong with me
  9. I was one of those. Didn't make sense at the time however quite a few of Gerrard decisions didn't make sense to me at the time, including Gerrard getting the job but I'm glad I was so wrong.
  10. Seem the display from the hospital room and looked amazing from a distance but what I took great pride in today was talking to my oldest daughter on the phone regularly and hearing the joy and her along with her friends having the time of her life. She wasn't old enough to remember the last time we on the league and she had me in tears at times.
  11. I would say so as well, thing is the polis and government knew this was coming so could have had some measures in place but we all knew why they didn't
  12. I was one of them, regularly questioned his heart and bottle and fair play to the guy he never once walked away when a lesser man would have chose the easy way out. For me it speaks volumes for his character. True leader given some of the shit he's had thrown his way
  13. Unfortunately I couldn't be there with being stuck in hospital but from what I can gather it was a small few that were at it. Total fannies and should never be allowed near ibrox again but agree I don't think it was real supporters although I'm sure they would disagree
  14. Agree however my young daughter phoned me saying she also couldn't believe the way the polis were behaving as well and were extremely heavy handed, so yes u can't defend idiots but when the polis are wading in bat's at the ready and hitting first of course u will have trouble. Shall post some videos she has if they are as bad as she says
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