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  1. You breaking the rules is not OK and guys like u are partly why we are still in lock down atm and partly why my sick daughter has now picked up this virus. But hey that's OK as long as u can go visit family and or friends
  2. Was more worried he would miss the 10 myself, or should I say 65
  3. Agree wholeheartedly, if guys like Lee Wallace can be classed as club legends the Jimmy more than anyone could and really should be labelled as a club legend. Jimmy more than anyone shows its not always what's on the park that makes u a club legend
  4. I might be a bit thick but why did I think this was bomber leaving an interview not wanting to jinx us
  5. Wasted in my eyes with lesser players. Unfortunately I think Neil is one of these guys who is way too good for lesser players but will always get overlooked for a big job unfortunately.
  6. In stock atm in Hamilton and the forge oarkhead if anyone's looking
  7. She's doing great atm, 6 weeks on Saturday she's been out thankfully. Makes it so much easier on everyone. Hopefully that's her turned a wee corner as she is so much like her old self just now😁
  8. Pretty sure I never used my job as well to stick the boot into the club to anyone who will listen at any opportunity. What have I missed in the last 8 hours or so stuck at the hospital today??
  9. Thnx, I tried to copy and paste but it went tits up for me. But each and everyone of u guys ragged thank you very much. You don't know how very much appreciated this was. And thanks @Zetlandfor tagging everyone
  10. Agree wholeheartedly, I know I've not posted but disagreed with posters who donated in my time in the forum, in fact I've seen posters who regularly disagree with each other post and for me that speaks volumes for the forum as a whole. For me it's amazing what came about
  11. Tbf Ave a neighbour I would love to knock fuck outta who thinks it's funny to make me Park a good 100 yds from the house and walk in the pissing rain with my daughter in hand but I like to think I'm the better man and not stoop to his levels. Makes it worse is he's a dirty stinking fenian who loves to put the boot in over the years. Guess whose having the last laugh now
  12. Agree. Was totally overwhelmed in all honesty. Admittedly my original post I get why people where annoyed but after speaking to @Govan Bearwho explained why my daughter never received a zoom call and then the clubs explanation made sense in that they had no control and was entirely left to the hospital. But honestly amazing what everyone done and can't thank everyone enough
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