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  1. Shall give it a try and see how it goes. Cheers for the tips
  2. So the r1/l1 is drilled through ball?? Interestingly I find them to be so inaccurate I don't know what to do with them
  3. Here is my current squad Not the worst but defo not the best. Your controls confuse me even more as I use custom controls in align with pes. I'm assuming r1/l1 are lofted through balls?? I if so they seem useless for me and I purposely set my playstyle to keep the wingers wide. Lost track how many time my right/left full back has the ball and I attempt a full power crossfield pass to the opposite winger and it drops somewhere in the midfield.
  4. Does anyone have any advice at all with this game. I'm genuinely so bad at the game it's no even funny anymore. Played maybe 50 online games since last Thursday and only managed 1 win towards the rivals rewards 😢😢 Really cannot defend for shit in the game and scoring goals forget it. My top score is aubameyang who has abiut 30 goals on about 150 odd games
  5. Mate Ave won like 15 online games from about 200. I totally suck at this game. Only ever played pes bar 2014 so it's all knew to me. Went from a black acclaim player in pes to no even able to score a goal in fifa
  6. Personally i find defending quite easy but i cant score for shit. Mind u im in d10 getting raped every game and always defending
  7. Personally couldn't give a fuck. Never played fifa before and pes was always my game so happy to do a like for like even it up a bit?? But a big reason I'm ig oring him because I'm fucking fed up with the constant insults now. In fact I'm fucking fed up even coming on the forum now
  8. Tbf if he only managed 20 would show u how shite he is at the game.
  9. I'm on the ps5. I reckon I've been playing against decent players who know the game. Atm I think literally every player is in d10 until wed/Thurs as well??
  10. Played my first game and lost 7-1 Next game I lost 6-0
  11. rabc10000

    Gaming Chairs

    Check out the noble chairs I'm range. Some of those are outstanding and my oldest boy bought himself one with his first ever weekly wage and loved it
  12. I'm new to the game so haven't a clue and used to the defending in pes
  13. Any advice on how to defend??
  14. Think Deathloop is a game I would need to wait till its massively reduced on the psn store because its expensive if I end up not liking it.
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