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  1. Whit lol never heard of that. Fuck shoving shite up yer nose of any kind
  2. Agree and I stated that when I read it over this morning. Couldn't be that bad if u felt the need to post in it tho.
  3. Some may believe their is an agenda against the wee man
  4. Kamara would be the obvious choice and I doubt given what he will eventually be sold for will be beaten for value
  5. Maybe not but u can't deny he scored the decisive penalty to win the tie tho therefore essentially scoring the winning goal in a euro semi final tie
  6. Im the same, makes no sense why anyone would happily sacrifice a cup for any reason at all
  7. Can't argue with that at all even tho it was from a dif era. Even if we paid 10m for a player we would never get close to what he achieved for us
  8. Interesting to see people's opinions on maybe our top 10 best pound for pound signings. U can start
  9. Agree he should have started in Manchester and must have been a personal blow to the player big time. Also I'm sure lovenkrands was in a similar situation. Would have preferred thru the middle but pace decided otherwise
  10. TBF generally don't get past the first hour at best
  11. Is it fuck that's just a normal pace after a 12 hour shift before bed
  12. Obv knee it was a stronger beer just didn't think about it at when drinking it
  13. Kwak Didn't realise the strength and drank maybe 5 pints in about an hour or so. Usual speed for drinking but a world away from drinking pisswater like Stella etc
  14. I'm sure the spfl said that the club's this season could run their own ppv for games and u wouldn't need a VPN etc. I was wondering if that had became reality. Wouldn't mind paying the 9.99 a game each week rather than a dodgy stream.
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