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  1. Thnx, I tried to copy and paste but it went tits up for me. But each and everyone of u guys ragged thank you very much. You don't know how very much appreciated this was. And thanks @Zetlandfor tagging everyone
  2. Agree wholeheartedly, I know I've not posted but disagreed with posters who donated in my time in the forum, in fact I've seen posters who regularly disagree with each other post and for me that speaks volumes for the forum as a whole. For me it's amazing what came about
  3. Tbf Ave a neighbour I would love to knock fuck outta who thinks it's funny to make me Park a good 100 yds from the house and walk in the pissing rain with my daughter in hand but I like to think I'm the better man and not stoop to his levels. Makes it worse is he's a dirty stinking fenian who loves to put the boot in over the years. Guess whose having the last laugh now
  4. Agree. Was totally overwhelmed in all honesty. Admittedly my original post I get why people where annoyed but after speaking to @Govan Bearwho explained why my daughter never received a zoom call and then the clubs explanation made sense in that they had no control and was entirely left to the hospital. But honestly amazing what everyone done and can't thank everyone enough
  5. Very much appreciated, in fact over whelmed. I was at work when the package arrived and my oldest daughter phoned me and the excitement from toni telling me what she had was amazing. As I said genuinely can't thank everyone enough and I'm sitting saying this with a tear in my eye
  6. Firstly a big thank you to @govanbluefor taking the time over numerous months to help out with contacting the club. Also special thanks to @Zetland following on from this thread. Genuinely can't thank everyone enough who donated, and I know their is too many to list so apologies for not attempting to tag each and everyone you u guys individually. Can't thank everyone enough for the kindness shown and really made my wee girls day when she received the parcel from the clubs store. Never been as proud in my life and each and everyone who made her day deserves all
  7. For me that should be the end of it regardless of who the club is. If the rest of Scottish football want change let them go for it and only throw our weight behind it when everything else is in place and we then join the fight
  8. Aye but did Gerrard actually sign him tho
  9. On paper I reckon that could arguably be a great formation for us however I don't think at this point of the season we should be experimenting with this kind of formation nor do I think gerrard has the tactical ability to do so either
  10. I agree it was boring but then it's the same now
  11. Now I would go for that
  12. Do they even use full backs against us?? Genuinely feel as tho the 5 at the back tactics they use are 5 cbs
  13. Really think this is the game that cements us as champions. When we go up their on sunday and come away with a convincing win its game over especially when everyone will be hoping we struggle and drop points. Happy for a 0-1 win
  14. Why no just go for a top flight of 18 teams, play each other home and away. 34 league games and that's it. Shit I forgot the leeches need our money twice per season
  15. rabc10000


    As someone who has their on mental health problems I love this post. Not managed to post much over the last 6 months or so for personal reasons but do check in whenever possible and love some of the stuff I read. Great Post
  16. I do, was very well thought and and presented☺️
  17. Canny even mind writing that tbf, blaming auto correct on that one
  18. Fuck me that story didn't have get out of control
  19. I'm pretty sure they can only fine u if u personally give them your name when they chap the door and ask. But with this digital age they now have to prove your watching live TV and things like YouTube etc don't count. U have maybe noticed to watch bbci player you need to input details But u must use the same filing system as me tho and that's the bin.
  20. Pretty sure if your auld man is 75 he gets his TV licence free nowadays. Defo worth checking up save giving those clowns anymore money
  21. I'm 44 and never once paid a TV licence in my life. Never been fined or fuck all for it either.
  22. Fuck how have I never seen this thread before. Some of this is absolute class. This is gonna be so much fun over the coming months
  23. You were right, some if this stuff is pure quality reading. Never seen so much hurt in all my life from them
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