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  1. Subs were a joke again, left us with no pace up top. Morelos sitters cost us
  2. Sakala is extremely frustrating, takes a heavy touch and gives away fouls constantly. As soon as they scored his pace was no use as they sat deeper. Gerrard needs to be making changes quicker and seeing that things aren’t working rather than waiting until the 65th minute to make a sub
  3. Same story, not creating enough and missing our chances when they come
  4. They’re the better team but pretty disappointing. Too many players off the boil tonight and it showed. Created nothing the second half. Still reckon we’ll make it out but need to up our game from that
  5. Decent draw, if we can match last years performances we’ll be fine
  6. Starting 11 hasn’t been improved, banked on getting into the Champions League and hasn’t worked out. I’ll be surprised if we manage to keep our main assets now
  7. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Aribo Davis Lundstram Wright Itten Kent i wouldn’t play Aribo in midfield but got a feeling Gerrard will play him there
  8. Anyone having trouble with the website? Been allocated a ticket for Madrid but every place I choose to sit is full
  9. Really hope he kicks on with us! Brilliant seeing a guy so humble saying how much he’s looking forward to playing with us
  10. Hopefully leathered the racist cunt, fucking sickening their management calling us liars
  11. Went my full teenage years without seeing us win a title, what a buzz🍻🇬🇧
  12. Why did we try score right at the end? Should’ve kept a hold of it like we’ve done plenty of other times this season
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