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  1. Liked the look of young Dickson against Falkirk. Would be pencilling him in for Poznan game assuming qualification is secured on Thursday.
  2. They want their season ticket money because the board won’t sack the manager? Does their warped sense of entitlement know no limits?
  3. Great song, classic hippy anthem but you’re not spelling it correctly. Too much LDS?
  4. “always seems to be injured” is a bit of an exaggeration. Very important player in the system we use and, with Davis not getting any younger, Jack needs to be there.
  5. Lennon got the job because he was cheap and he was deemed to be good enough to maintain Rodgers’ momentum, at least in the short term, ie up to TIAR. To replace him, they thought they didn’t need to pay for a Bentley, a Merc or even a BMW: such was their arrogance and small-mindedness, they thought a temperamental, high mileage old Fiesta was enough. As ever in life, you get what you pay for. Lennon was cheap and available for good reason.
  6. Be good to announce his new five year contract on the morning of the scum game.
  7. The control and influence which he holds is effectively being offered to the support for zero profit to him. Look at it this way. If the support could have mobilised and rustled up the money at the time, we’d have done so. He has effectively loaned us (interest free) the capital to secure the shares and the power they control. If we win 55 (and throw in a cheeky wee treble), there will be no problem funding this.
  8. Absolutely. We are our own worst enemies for raising expectations to the sky only to fall arse over tits and look bloody stupid again. If we’re twenty points clear with six games left after the split, the champagne will go in the fridge!!
  9. What I love is when some scum player is mentioned that you’ve forgotten about. Then you remember that he cost £x millions and that you yourself have played in the sellick first team almost as much as the no-mark player in question. Latest one was the crocked boy from Motherwell. £3.5m and he can’t get into a team on their worst run in over fifty years. Remember when Strachan’s two sources of player prospects were: 1. The Daily Record 2. Anyone we were looking at They hadn’t a clue then and they’re worse now.
  10. I’m sure it’s all about reducing congestion which is what we were told when the layout was revamped and the charges were introduced in the first place. I can’t imagine there’s any profiteering involved whatsoever. Anyway, I’m off to plant the magic beans I just bought.
  11. How many times have we been down this road? The only league game that matters is the next one. A million things could happen between now and January, most of which we can’t control. Just plan and prepare for the only game that matters, win it, rest and repeat. The circus across the city is fine for a laugh but our focus must be resolute.
  12. They’ve been striving for consistency, I reckon they’ve found it
  13. More than that, it’s the dawning that game after game, we have outclassed them. They should never have been holders of the League Cup before yesterday, even they know last season’s final was robbery. Its the perfect storm: revenue through the floor, one bad and expensive signing after another, Scottish teams finally pulling back the curtain and realising they’re all smoke and pish and the cherry on top; Rangers playing like world beaters. All they need is the courts to start awarding megabucks compensation to the survivors and they can just put the disco lights on eBay and padlock th
  14. Two officers injured but no scum fans arrested therefore the only logical conclusion is that the officers injured each other. Full disciplinary hearing to follow, I assume?
  15. God love her. Loads of others like that too, must have been wondering when these cunts would ever get their comeuppance. Spent the day doing a couple of wee jobs for my father-in-law, nearly 86. Plays down his feelings but the grin on his face when I told him about County’s second goal was a joy to see. The collapse will be especially sweet for long serving Bears like him your Gran.
  16. Also: Now that Humza Useless has finally broken his vow of silence on events at Parkhead, can we expect further comment on historical criminal activity in that vicinity? Does the Scottish Government consider a gathering of a few hundred protesters as more serious than decades of child rape and, if not, can someone please explain why the former warranted a fleet of police vehicles with dozens of officers and the latter has been completely ignored by the Justice Secretary?
  17. I expect the two hours will consist of ten minutes of replaying Lennon interviews, three Seans, two Aidens and a Kevin saying “they guys wurnae real sellick fans”, twenty minutes while Shug finally blaws his nose, and one hour, fifteen minutes of adverts.
  18. Guard of honour, clap them on to the pitch
  19. Lee Mack: “I’ve cleared my history so often, I’m back in Roman times...”
  20. The house is horrible and is a testament to wealth over taste. He might have plenty of dosh but he’s got zero class. Great views over the city (if you can shut your eyes to the piggery) but, as for the house itself, it’s a fucking carbuncle
  21. If this doesn’t get your feet tapping, they’re either nailed to the floor or you’re dead.
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