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  1. I had the stream with Sutton and Ally and switched to a French stream, I’d rather watch on our opponents TV because it’s less bias then Sky, bbc, or BT.
  2. Same here, I struggle to name more than a dozen EPL players.
  3. Up there yes, great technique but not in the same stratosphere as Roofe.
  4. Best goal I’ve ever seen a Rangers Player score, I know it’s all about opinions but seriously it was beyond exceptional.
  5. Young players tend to be more prone to form drops...no signs yet mind.
  6. And too good to loan out for a season.
  7. Wee Alexander never let us down either. Always liked Eric Sorensen but maybe that’s because he’d always wave from his jag when I was going to school and he was heading for training.
  8. Not for me mate but he’s been fantastic for us. I was raised watching Ritchie, McCloy and Kennedy ☹️Then we have Woods, Goram, Klos and Shagger😀🇬🇧
  9. Switched to a French commentator, much better than Sutton. encore Kent, encore
  10. Yes but you’re right we have to squeeze the game from KO, high press high intensity.
  11. We’ve been pisspoor last two OF games, SG needs to get them fired right up.
  12. True and I want assurances they’re free trade pies from sustainable pigs and cows.
  13. You’re a contrary cunt but on this occasion spot on.
  14. Particularly as he thinks Phillip is spelled with an F.and a U
  15. What would you expect from pigs but grunts. It’s got to the stage we’d be shocked if they ever respected a minutes silence
  16. He was like Bambi on ice.
  17. Don’t start with your facts shit.
  18. I feel Bernie Thompson is a bit of a cunt.
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