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  1. Bheasts trying to get in the home end.
  2. Wouldn’t believe my fish n chips if they were wrapped in the Record.
  3. What’s your take on the difference in treatment afforded Godley by your leader Sturgeon,on historical racist and offensive social media posts? Your party are driving a meta narrative that sectarianism is a one way street, you ok with that.
  4. Four Hail Marys. Three Hello Dolly’s and they’re good to go.
  5. The actual quote was give me a child till he’s 7 and he’ll have aa arse like a hippos yawn.
  6. They wallow in conformation bias, anything that challenges that is ignored.
  7. Last time I was in the Holte end it had a great atmosphere, mind you it was fu ll of Bears at the time.
  8. Fascist Leader Oswald Mosley’s supporters wore black shirts.
  9. We know that but it plays into the all Rangers fans are political extremists narrative
  10. No celtic fc no bigotry, it’s really that simple.
  11. He knew exactly what he was doing using that terminology.
  12. So why doesn’t Cardiff and South Wales have the same issues, a Protestant Country (Methodist/Baptist) where mass Irish Catholic migration in the mid 19th century was almost identical to what occurred in and around Glasgow?
  13. Like Glasgow Cardiff had a massive influx of economic migrants from Ireland, around 1/3 of the population was Irish, however unlike Glasgow there was no sporting institution that became a focal point for the worst of violent Irish Republican ideology and rabid anti British sentiment. celtic are and always have been the drivers of sectarianism in Scotland.
  14. He works much harder now when he hasn’t got the ball and he’s more prepared to stick a leg into a tackle, wonderful feet and as has been suggested he’s on his way to becoming the complete midfielder. Thought he was MotM yesterday.
  15. Normally prefer him further forward but he was prepared to dig in today, thought he was excellent.
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