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  1. Yeah, and I saw the other day that his overall win ratio is 63%. To put that in perspective, Walter’s was just over 65% first time around and 63% during his second spell. He’s definitely on the right track.
  2. I like this. Two more wins over the next six days please, Rangers. Thanks
  3. Great day today after probably the best week we’ve had in years. It’s an absolutely huge game next Sunday though. Can’t afford to shoot ourselves in the foot in that despite the fact it’s probably our main bogey fixture. NEED to keep the momentum up.
  4. Astounded Kent hasn’t been taken off yet. The boy is well overdue a wee rest and is playing like he needs a break
  5. In fairness, I think the players would much prefer the 3pm kick off for more recovery time. Especially after a tough European game on Thursday. The recent announcement of 3 of our Nov/Dec games being moved to 12pm on Sundays gives me the fear given they’ll largely follow European ties.
  6. Yeah, hopefully not mate but it all seems pretty inevitable. Hope we manage to isolate any affected players/cases fast
  7. Possibly even off the back of this Liege game. I honestly thought we’d get news of our own first cases after visiting this mob (and esp after the rammy at the end). Fingers crossed not, though.
  8. Really? Well, firstly, we were all really fast at the beginning of last season to comment on how fitter he looked compared to the previous season. SG himself said he was much leaner and the sharpest he'd ever seen Alfie. The same can't be said for this season. Secondly, you've tried to take a couple of pics to serve your argument, so I'll do the same. Point is, pics can sometimes be misleading/the body can appear different depending on the angle. But I think it's pretty clear to most, from using their own eye, that while he's still got the stamina to get around a pitch (he's no
  9. Na, it’s not nonsense to suggest he’s carrying a bit of extra timber. You can physically see it. We all can. The point is, he may just be within the parameters that the staff deem as being acceptable (though clearly they make allowances for Alfie in general), but it’s definitely affecting his dynamism and usual pace/power.
  10. Jonas Thern vs the tims should totally be in there too. Better than the Mendes strike.
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