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  1. This is dreadful. We’ve blown this game. Nowhere near good enough. We’re a shadow of ourselves.
  2. Can’t believe Aribo has been left on. He’s been shockingly wasteful/an empty jersey this 2nd half
  3. I think it’s become pretty clear that Bacuna was an outright panic buy.
  4. Na, man - not having that. We played with fuck all intensity 1st half and have looked generally absolutely pish. Poor final balls, not receiving passes with the right body shape. too many just not turning up.
  5. Can honestly see our play petering out and us lapsing back into fannying around with zero intensity soon. Never mind the penalty, we’ve been dreadful today
  6. Did he come off injured? Strange decision to sub a CB with just a few mins to go.
  7. Have to say, I know they’re absolutely pish at the back, but I really don’t see where all this confidence for Sunday has much foundation. We’ve been largely devoid of any intensity, energy or real desire to win the fight and take the game to opponents. On top of that, the organisation in the team is nowhere near last season’s levels while our sharpness in front of goal, and the final ball or final decision, have been largely woeful in most games. I’ll be delighted if the team ram these concerns down my throat but, despite how pish they are, we still look miles off being clinical, sharp or as fit as last year.
  8. Looking at him and reading between the lines of his comments, I think Gerrard’s looking worried and sounds a bit stumped. The same kind of pre-Covid comments have been made over the past couple of weeks about it now being player’s responsibility but, like then as well, too many keep letting him/us down, aren’t turning up and don’t seem up for the fight. It’s absolutely ridiculous/shameful that all the momentum we built up from last season almost seems to have evaporated.
  9. This probably isn’t a popular opinion, but my gut already tells me that we do have a real problem this season. There’s something really not right about us so far and we’ve looked pretty lacking in ideas, disjointed and powderpuff since the start of preseason. There’s a strong whiff of players receding back into their 2019/early 2020 shells. Hope I’m wrong, but the body language and confidence from almost the whole team is shite.
  10. We were losing that with or without the wee man. He can hold his head fairly high but the likes of Tav, Borna, Goldson, Balogun, Arfield, Lundstram, Kent, Wright, Aribo and even Gerrard and the coaching team with their team selections, need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Currently, it looks like we’re imploding and heading towards some kind of free fall if we’re not careful. Shocking attitudes from too many. Shambles
  11. We’ve been absolutely pish. Think Stevie G will be going through them. Fuck all threat in the final 3rd. Powderpuff. Hate to say it, but I actually think our players have been rattled by the crowd too. Not good.
  12. Yeah, but mate, both of our CBs ARE £10m rated defenders. That’s what £10m would essentially get you. Plus, defenders aren’t automatically the ones at fault when goals are conceded. Think about Benfica: Arfield gives the ball away and then they cut through our midfield with a pass because Davis is out of position.
  13. I don’t actually think it’s the CBs that we need to replace (yes, I know Goldson wasn’t at his best tonight). It’s midfield and I think part of the CBs issue tonight was the midfield we’re all over the place - esp Lundstram. Their touch, control and calmness was seriously lacking. That’s where I’d be spending the big money. Think we need a proper enforcer and someone with a wider range of passing (which even Kamara is really weak on, too).
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