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  1. Fucking sensational that. What a sight!
  2. Yeah, I ordered from the first batch within 30mins of the email landing on March 7th, but still hadn’t received the tops by Monday. So I emailed them that day and, in fairness, they got back to me on Tuesday apologising for the late delivery and offering a 20% refund. Just heard a mate had his delivered earlier this week (he ordered hours after me), but it was the wrong size. I’ve literally never had a good online buying experience with Castore. They’re still a long way short of what should be expected. Ridiculous.
  3. It’s shocking man. What about the Livi player who chopped down Kent at the half way line when he was away?! Robertson is a honking referee.
  4. Don’t see it in Simpson at all. Which would be fine if he was 20. But he’s 24. Hope I’m proven wrong but I don’t see it If we sharpen up upfront with our passing, we could take a good few of them.
  5. Shagger’s been unreal this season, especially when you consider his age. He’s saved us at big times. Love the guy. But, for a side which has controlled so many games against top sides, played outstanding football and scored so many great goals, it almost seems wrong to give it to the keeper. Tav started incredibly but tailed off just before Christmas. Goldson’s been a rock and a man on a mission. It’s Davis for me, but I couldn’t fault any of them being picked.
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