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  1. I don’t think it’s that tbf. I just think we have zero intensity and looked absolutely fucked. We look devoid of ideas. It’s bizarre.
  2. We look fucked and really disjointed. They’re winning all the 2nd balls. Where’s the real Rangers gone?
  3. In fairness, they do love ripping the pish out of the tarriers, too...
  4. We’ve been really lucky not to concede today. So sloppy. And Hagi really does drive you crackers
  5. Sure mate, but these players should still be more capable of passing the ball to each other more accurately. Especially given they all know the system/their roles inside out. But, aye, generally delighted with the result so far. No argument there!
  6. He totally flatters to deceive. He’s starting to look like he’s got all the swagger but more often than not, not the substance. Might be different next season but he really needs to be much more secure in possession as he gives it away too often. We’ve been pretty sloppy for much of today though. Really shite pitch, mind.
  7. Has Aribo definitely been confirmed as being out? Last I heard on Friday, he was feeling better and they were monitoring him over the coming days.
  8. Yeah, I don’t think tomorrow’s going to be much of a spectacle. My nephew plays in one of the Falkirk youth teams, so I’ve been along to the stadium a few times. Freezing cold windy whipping through, shite, narrow/small plastic pitch and they’ll be pretty physical. Add to that likely a good few changes to our side and it won’t be easy. Still expecting a 2 or 3 goal win, mind.
  9. Yeah, you’re right mate. That’s what a hazy beer brain does - suddenly start reimagining the order of events!
  10. I’m nowhere near as deflated tonight as I was with the game over in Lisbon. That game, and the loss of those goals was truly shocking and should never have happened against 10 men. But tonight, I think it was clear that 11v11, when they chose to quicken their play, they could cut right through us. Almost at will. They’re a class outfit and a draw is a pretty fair result. Also, we should’ve had the most blatant of pens at 2-1, which would have killed the game. Now THAT non-award is unforgivable.
  11. Yeah, there’s no way his 2014 injury with Aberdeen was anything other than a tweak or a knock or has led to the present issue. A 22 day injury doesn’t do that. It was definitely the Kipre tackle that fucked him.
  12. Yeah, I don’t think he had a knee issue before Kipre’s challenge in the Motherwell game. Strange that he went into major surgery, was out for months but yet it never came out as to what the issue was. Doesn’t seem like it was a cruciate but maybe a hefty meniscus injury, hence the constant management of it. Such a shame for him
  13. I think it’s wishful thinking that those claims will be large enough to sink them, I’m afraid. I can see their liabilities being very underwhelming.
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