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  1. I didn’t say we’d get it. I said, unlike earlier in the season, we could justifiably put that price back on him/ask for it. Like buying a house: ask for £200k with the expectation of at least getting £190k.
  2. His value would definitely have dropped in the first half of the season, had it been on for him to leave. But I agree, he’s been sensational of late and performances at this stage of the EL, and domestically, will definitely see him back up into a totally fair £20m+ asking price. Whether we get that remains to be seen, but we can justifiably ask for that kind of money again.
  3. We’ve just pumped Antwerp after what will prove to be an iconic European night in the history of the club. And you’re posting shite about ‘Broony’. Have a fucking word with yourself.
  4. Aye! In English. It’s on RTV right now but will probs be added to YouTube soon. What a guy.
  5. Disagree. I love listening to H&H and Davie Edgar but he himself highlights some of the questions asked by other media guys, and how inflexible they are/how they don’t change their questions, even if it’s already been asked. If you’re selected to be first, you don’t open the pc with that question after THAT game/tie. He should’ve had a back up question. Fully agree with the gaffer. Poor from Edgar.
  6. He’s done a fucking post-match interview with RangersTV!!!! I’m stunned. Must be the first time since he came to Scotland! Quality.
  7. Aye, I really like listening to Davie and H&H but that was a shite first question to open the press conference. Especially after THAT game/tie. Poor choice.
  8. Aribo again, not tracking his runner. I just don’t see him as a central midfielder. He doesn’t have the discipline/concentration. Forward 3 and he wreaks havoc and doesn’t have to think about tracking as much. Don’t think their goal would’ve happened with a Jack/Arfield in there alongside Davis and Kamara.
  9. Pretty bold team by Gerrard. I’m a wee bit concerned by Aribo being in the middle and possibly not tracking runs, especially against a pretty dangerous team. As long as he stays disciplined/on it, we should be fine. If not, we could have real problems
  10. There’s a decent chance they’ll go for Clarke, as it’s the easy/lazy option. I don’t think it’s the choice that’ll excite their fans and sell out season tickets though, which is the main reason it’ll probably be someone else. It’ll be shite football, too. They'd deserve each other though
  11. John’s a fanny. Supposed Rangers fan saying it was all about 10 in a row this year and stopping that. It’s ALL been about 55. Nothing less, nothing more.
  12. I walked past him in Alnwick, just north of Newcastle, about 3 years ago. Did a double-take to check it was indeed him. Thought about speaking to him but he was wearing his usual menacing scowl so thought ‘fuck that, I’ll leave him be.’ He was probably having a beltin’ day, too!
  13. In fairness, the players let him and the fans down really badly. Europe, and the 1st half of the season, clearly showed that, under Gerrard, we were capable of great things. But the players got cocky and then shat it when the pressure ramped up. Alfie’s form went off a cliff, Tav’s dropped (and then he got an injury) as did many others’. Only Arfield had pass marks at the time. For sure, placing less emphasis on Alfie’s role has been a real improvement for the team, but the players, for me, were the ones who crumbled this time last year.
  14. Tbf mate, I think that’s pretty obvious to everyone, everywhere (unless you’re a Tim). The results speak for themselves this season, and in Europe over his time with us.
  15. I just said the same thing in another thread as your 2nd paragraph. I honestly could see them chucking it against DU on the 7th to stop us winning at Sharkhead/rob us of being able to celebrate right after one of our own games.
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