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  1. We have barely kicked a ball since we beat them. The Aberdeen game was a great result but if we are being honest we rode our luck the last 30mins. All the intensity in the performance v celtic has been completely missing since the full time whistle went.
  2. I must admit I wasn’t sure on the Defoe signing but I thought the Davis one would have paid off. Unfortunately he looks like a player who’s legs have gone and he knows it. Seen guys in the past who at least still have the belief that they have it in them to get something out the legs(Kenny Miller) He just doesn’t have that look. Reminds me of Niko the way he is labouring around the park!
  3. The Timothy Weah of Rangers media?
  4. Belter. Clearly not a Rangers fan.
  5. Davis was one of the first names on the team sheet when we made it to a European final and won 3 league titles in a row against a very decent celtic team. But aye he was only capable!
  6. Fuck me that will be the last time I leave an Austin Powers quote on here and expect folk to get it.
  7. There's only two things I can't stand in this world. Those who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch.
  8. If he’s playing his football anywhere else he’s valued at atleast 18mil. 8 they can take a flying fuck to themeselves!
  9. Mines as has been great so far! Must admit tho I always turn it inside out when washing it and would never put it in the dryer! The stcik on badge gives me the fear!
  10. The full 11 were superb today! His tackle first half was superb and set the tone!
  11. Hard to pin point as every player was so good today. But Jack, Mccrorie and Arfield won that battle today. First time in a long long time we have bossed the midfield against that lot!
  12. Bit harsh. Murphy got injured can’t panic buy whenever a player gets injured. Think Grezda was probably seen as being the creative man but it hasn’t worked out yet. Hopefully it will but early signs are mixed.
  13. Behave yourself. When did he think he was bigger than the club? When did he ever give anything less than 100%? Kenny Miller tried his hardest in every game he ever played for Rangers. He refused to accept it when standards weren’t good. He told Murty and Pedro that!! Basically you hate him cause he played for celtic for a bit. Using words like “treacherous” and “cunt” for a footballer is just emabarrassing. Calm doon.
  14. This. A joke the way him and Miller were treated by the club but more so by some of the fans. Neither good enough by the time they have finished with us. But genuinely knew what it means to play for Rangers and not accept certain results.
  15. Wallace hasn’t been good enough for long time. I’ve never understood the distain or hatred for the guy. The crime he commited was telling Murty he wasn’t fit for the job. Something we all agreeed on yet he was hung out to dry for that!! Is he good enough for where we want to be? No Is he still a better left back than Flanagan and Halliday? Probably Aye.
  16. We battered Aberdeen most of the game. But we lacked any real presence or target man to kill the game off. If Morelos or Lafferty play we win that game comfortably. But Rangers Media logic is blame the left back. Barisic being back will make a difference. Anyone thinking swapping Halliday for Flanagan will make an attacking difference clearly didn’t watch the Hamilton game. Halliday at Left back makes Flanagan look like Robert Carlos in an attacking sense.
  17. I’m not in the slightlest bit worried. He had surgery in June and since he signed the talk was how he basically had to do his pre-season with us and then get match sharp. Kent and Candeias have both been excillent lately. Let them keep doing that. Then when inevitably one gets injured/suspended/tired/loses form we will effectively have a new signing fit and ready to hit the ground running. Smart management by Gerrard instead of rushing him back!
  18. He seems so sure of himself and his ability. Almost cocky/arrogant. Never seen a great coach who wasn’t all those things tho!
  19. If he wins us a league or two then goes to Liverpool then he would have nothing but my best wishes. I do think he will hang around for a good while I actually think he will stay with us until Liverpool do come calling. I also don’t see Klopp leaving Liverpool anytime soon. It’s funny I never liked Liverpool growing up but find myself being oddly fond of them now!
  20. For a period of about 6 months Hutton looked not only in the SPL but in the champions league and euro qualifiers like one of the best Right backs in Europe. Its why Spurs bought him for £9 million which back then was huge money. I don’t think Tav will ever get to that level of play. However this season and where we are in our history and what we have been through Tav is our captain and more important to us than Hutton ever was.
  21. I genuinely believe if we can win just one old firm game that will be the turning of the tide. They will completely implode and our players will fully believe we are better than them.
  22. Still don’t understand why folk don’t rate Kent. He is our best outball particularly when we are being held in by teams. For a relatively light weight winger he gets back and helps out defensively as well. Would love him and Couilibaly on full time contracts. Worral not seen enough of yet. Ejaria is decent but not convinced he would ever be much more than a squad player. Sadiq was just brought in so people don’t miss Dalcio too much.
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