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  1. I'm seeing loads of posts like this after every game now,says it all.
  2. I'd be playing 2 up even if was against Brazil. 1 up front is utter pish and always has been,any team that plays that are usually boring as fuck to watch.
  3. only because they have been pish. look at points we have to same stage of season under Pedro and Warburton,isn't any better,probably worse in fact.
  4. well would say Saturday is a must win but wouldn't matter if we did win it anyway cos next Diddy team would just take points off us anyway. just like Warburton and Pedro,let's see how long it takes the board again to replace this useless manager.
  5. see the sheep have done their usual against THEM and shat it already.
  6. as for their goal,there was 3 or 4 opportunities to stop that cross and goal going in,they all failed to do that. wasn't just one players fault. I'm starting to worry with the injuries popping up now tho at a very important stage of the season.
  7. Lafferty coming on and 2 up front changed that game,it opened up more space up top for their defenders to lose themselves in. laff was unlucky as fuck,just like other game where he could've had a double,hit the target they say and make the keeper work,and he did that. give the cunt a break. hope we start wi both them up front against the spoon burners
  8. stay switched on ffs now! Lafferty should start wi Morelos from start now in every game! we're better wi 2 up front, FACT!
  9. and we've been going on about no composure in front of goal lately
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