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  1. as sir Alex once said, who cares if they score,as long as we score more,that's how you win football games. shouldn't be too scared to let a goal or 2 in,as long as giving it plenty up front end of park. first form defence is to attack!
  2. pretty much every area then apart from keeper? but scary thing is,you're not far wrong mate. a lot of work still needed, verdict on Gerrard still out for me too,but I'm running out of patience a bit wi him,team selection and tactics are starting to look iffy. I'll bear wi it the now,but better get his arse into gear pronto. I didn't want him to start with because I didn't want a rookie manager learning his trade at our great club,we deserved a proper manager to lead us and take up the challenge of getting into that manky mob and getting us back to where we belong.
  3. he's just plain average,not Rangers class for me but not the worst problem we have,we're 3 really good midfielders short. We're murder in the middle of the park.
  4. exactly,some of gerrard's decisions are very strange to say the least. some of his sub making is bizzare
  5. Gerrard better get his shit together and fast, the players we got might not be great but they're far far better than the shite we're seeing lately.
  6. how the fuck did we only get 6 points in that group?
  7. play like this in league and we'll soon fuck that up tae
  8. utter pish this, we're toothless, many games that now without scoring in open play?
  9. final 2 subs needed now! not when only have few mins left!
  10. come on for fuck sake Gerrard,time to make at least 1 sub!
  11. I fear you're right,either that or they cheating cunts will snatch a goal.
  12. yeah you're biased mate,but wish you were the ref the night
  13. how the fuck did Coulibaly stray offside! does he even understand? useless fuckin donkey
  14. only change I'd make at half time is Grezda on for Coulibaly
  15. me too mate, hope for our sakes he starts producing. last thing we need is yet another turn around. to be honest all I've wanted since Walter leaving was an actual proper time served manager at the helm,I'm astonished we've not had one in in all that time. but hey we have Gerrard now and have to get behind him. but if he fails them please please get a proper man in! no more fuckin rookie gambles ffs.
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