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  1. I don’t know if that’s as good as we’ll see kamara in a Rangers top but as easy a performance as we produced today I think every other player played way below the best of their capabilities and that’s not me rubbing salt in their wounds we had another 2 levels to go up before we could say everybody was right on it and having a spanker thats a big compliment in an old firm game a half hearted skelping
  2. Are you putting a stream up mate? Don’t fancy trusting hesgoal for this 1 lol fucking murder at the best of times
  3. Watching Scotland would bore ye to tears, even a decent player in the Scotland team looks like the biggest dumpling that ever kicked a ball youd have to pay abt £20m for mcginn Abt £15-£20m For mctominy and say £3-£4m For jack and the 3 of them look absolute garbage. They look worth that value minus the M after the number
  4. Time will tell mate, I hope for every Rangers fan on the planet I’m right or the end of this season will be unbearable. As ridiculous as it sounds so early in the season, we can’t afford to lose at the piggery, it will put their confidence sky high and ours on a downward spiral, the form of us and them right now I can only see one winner, refereeing decisions aside junkies an pole dancers urne gony get them out a hole on 88mins every week
  5. The fact that some have improved, maybe even just their mentality by the looks of it, that’s why we didn’t need to replace them, plus if Morelos and Kent went, we wouldn’t have replaced them with other players that are as good, so from that point of view I’d say it’s good business or a good window even im not convinced of roofe or itten yet, but hopefully they come good and give us something we didn’t have last year
  6. Good window, if we were to get Wilshire and Gerrard can get him fit he would be the icing on the cake, what a player that boy should have been, i fear he’d be another Rossiter but
  7. I’m not saying European teams will be running scared of us but no team no matter how strong they are will want us as a pot 3 team in their group imo
  8. Goed Gedaan lads 🇬🇧 That was good to watch tonight, never felt like we were going to concede we were so dominant but when they scored i was nervy every time they had the ball in our half, thinking surely not after all this work, but they got the job done. That’s all that matters when it’s a one game winner takes all shot
  9. Spot on! Fucking sesspit scotland is, run by imbeciles! just like the spfl and the sfa
  10. Who you think is ploughing money into the club? Him and the other directors are the reason we’ll survive corona no matter what ppl think of them on a personal level
  11. On a serious note, not a fucking kurdy, infact that zoom call should just be dingeeeeed just so they know our clubs position. I think dave king would rather burn his money than help these cunts after the shite our club has had to put up with
  12. If they all go bust we can arrange 5 home game 5 away games with the tarriers and the winner gets the title, we don’t even need these other pub teams that are only there to make up the numbers🤷🏻
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