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  1. I’m proud out our whole team for this season but a special mention has to go to tav, he’s been through a lot, had a lot of criticism, some due, some way ott but he’s come through it and led the team to the title of titles. I’m not even sure us winning the league last year would have topped this year, the tarriers have took it so hard, so near but yet so far all for nothing! All for a record that’s been done that many times not it’s not even worth gloating about anymore tav proved to everybody that he can finally be judged to be befitting of being a Rangers captain, put yourself in hi
  2. It’s amazing that we all love football but no cunt seems to know the exact rules of the game to the letter...now I say that because I fail to understand using my knowledge of football how anybody could say they should have had a penalty, especially an ex player, 🤦🏻‍♂️somebody who earned his money out of the game, oh he admitted there was no contact but is adamant it was a penalty🤫 Thank fuck the ref didn’t agree with him, that would have really twisted my Mellon
  3. Why should the racists win? That would be like black people holding themselves back from playing at the highest level because there are racists, who in this day and age shouldn’t be playing at any level in sport Footballers are role models for kids all over the world and no racist peice of shit should be displaying those kind of actions to potentially millions of kids watching a game of football, they are not deserving of the privileged position they are in! Plus Rangers alone can’t force eufa to act on racism, maybe every club could refuse and eufa would act but yes as you said, we
  4. I worked with a pole who lived in the Scotland for 12years, he said when he left Poland there was practically no ppl of colour in the whole country, he said whenever a black/Asian person was seen everybody would stare, almost in amazement at what they were seeing, he had a wee apprentice who had been in Scotland for a couple of years an he said to him, do you ever remember seeing black/Asian ppl when you lived in Poland and he said he’d maybe see a couple a year they aren’t living amongst them or becoming more tolerant of ethnic minorities that’s probably why they are so blatantly racist
  5. I would think, especially right now, after all the stuff that’s happened in the last year or 2 no way is this cunt continuing in football unless it’s at a far lower level where it will be wrongly tolerated, every black player will want a peice of this prick, I doubt it will be the last kick in the balls he’ll get wherever he goes
  6. Racism is such a major thing that football has been trying to get rid of for as long as I can remember, I just fail to understand that even if you have racist views why you would piss your whole career away on a lousy nothing comment, there was no major flashpoint where the cunt has lost control and started firing racist slurs being a football player looks like an easy number to normal working guys but it’s anything but, all that hardwork and dedication to throw it away with a comment in a game your cruising, I’m not sticking up for that retard and backing kamaras word 100%, but I still f
  7. That was my thinking, I thought it would more likely be a derogatory remark, Like when zidane rapped the nut on Materazzi for calling his sister a whore, that’s bad taste and majorly uncalled for, but a racist comment, it’s unthinkable in this day and age, the cunt must not be right
  8. In that case I’m astounded at the sheer stupidity of the geezer, that’s a career ender, that wee stupid comment must have been worth it to the cunt, fking idiot of the highest order
  9. How ya fud you don’t know what was said, it was obviously something naughty because he covers his mouth and the fact he does that makes it look like it was definitely racist and he didn’t want to get caught but that’s so obvious to say that that I can’t believe it would actually be fact it might, and he might just be one of the racist cunts that somehow manage to survive in the game at a decent level but not many blatant racist cunts will survive in football if they air their views on the park at fellow professionals, that’s why until Kamara says it was I’d have to doubt the guy was that
  10. I’d be surprised if it was racist tbh, they have a black player (sima) and I’d guess they probably have more than 1, it was my first thought at the time seeing kamara’s reaction it must have been something naughty and the fact he covered his face but I just can’t imagine why
  11. We didn’t play as well as we can over these 2 games but we’ve played better this year against better teams so how can you say anybody bottled it ffs Our team lost a bit of rhythm and momentum, since winning the league and the loss of influential players the main prize is secure we bottled nothing in a season when bottles could have crashed all over the place like the scum have done
  12. I don’t think we played at the level we have done this year in any of the 2 slavia games they were decent tonight but we were terrible, I know this mob beat Leverkusen at home but I feel last year Leverkusen were just a level above us, I didn’t feel that way against slavia, if we played at out max we have every chance of winning this tie, last year I felt like even at our max Leverkusen were that bit better aw well it would have been good to scale new heights in comparison to last year but 55 was always the only real prize this year
  13. I wanted to buy the wain 1 but it said when I ordered that they are sold out, fuck knows if there will be a 3rd batch, defo mate bout time we had some decent coin coming in from the merchandise and what a time for the bears to buy it up
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