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  1. Tbf we have dominated some games but still searching for a 90min performance, first half was good but if you don’t score you hurt get hurt and it’s happening too often
  2. One of them aye, but the best players in the world get caught offside fs, as for magic, he doesn’t need magic in his boots for this league, his pace will hurt teams, not like Kent’s but where the fuck is he? id love to know what happened to our team from last year, something defo going on, this Shitey form has went on too long against mediocre shite, and I don’t even mean hearts in that, fucking Dundee Utd beating us told a story, can’t think of a convincing performance all season
  3. Last season we had the consistency to hang games out but we are a shadow of the team we were defensive wise last year, the sooner Goldson gets to fuck or signs a contract the better, since the start of the season it feels a wee bit like people’s mind is elsewhere, Morelos tae i don’t get the grief Wright is getting, he tried his best, limited ability but unless kent finds last seasons form then I’d rather wright than him We kept our main players and added to them that was supposed to make us stronger, it feels like we are going backwards this season, no improvement as a team what so ever IMO
  4. It wasn’t the game to be giving bacuna a run either against the other for team in a top table clash, Gerrard cost us the points today, fuckin gutted with that shite!
  5. Gerrard fucked it taking aribo off, Roofe was decent but it should have been Morelos off, especially when his plan was to see the game out, fucking ridiculous! Seeing the game out is ok with minutes to go but we will lose a lot more points with that ploy, even roofe was raging with tav for not giving him an option
  6. The mods have played a blinder I think, they delete thread after thread of the same shite but new ones keep appearing, so send in Bobby big baws to bore guys to tears, problem solved!
  7. Listen you clearly think you know more about my life than me, what a bellend you are mukka go and lie down in a dark room ya fucking fanny!
  8. I assume your talking about me, find me a post with me saying I got the vaccine to go to events, I think your heads that fucked up you don’t even know who you are talking about pal
  9. Thing is mate, I’ve swapped nothing, nada! If I didn’t want the vaccine, or was a shitebag from the vaccine, I would have to accept the consequences that come with that choice, its tough shit just like all the other things that have become illegal during my lifetime, there was no outcry then and there won’t be now
  10. Covid passports, what’s that? I got vaccinated and have a corona app with a QR code meaning I can take my family to places unvaccinated people can’t, I chose freedom, I sold out for a life worth living not a depressing existence
  11. Never has doctors or medical professionals ever tried to stamp their authority on me, if the doctor tell me he wants to stick a camera up my arse,(61 yr old father in law just had this procedure done😂) I don’t assume he’s a gay boy and wants to play with my arse, I assume it’s just another medical procedure that’s to your benefit, sometimes when you’ve got this mad notion to live you follow these people’s advice, you don’t go to a bin man to fit your new kitchen mate😉 I’ve seen their work, it’s not pretty
  12. Police discrimination and all that, they’ll keep dishing out fines till they are bankrupt or vaccinated 🤣
  13. It wouldn’t apply to me so I say make it 10k just to make sure the rich shitebags end up skint aswel 🤣
  14. Seriously? I’d take the advice of someone who’s job it is to give advice on health before any conspiracy theories on the internet
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