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  1. Poor display today, we had enough chances but far too ordinary in our attempts at goal It worries me a wee bit, normally when your rivals give you some encouragement it goes one of 2 ways, it either fires you up to go and be ruthless and punish them, or they think, that’s even more points we are ahead we can afford to relax I hope this team of ours, that have so much still to prove don’t think like that, it’s just scary we don’t look as if we have a spring in our step whenever that mob drop points, if our players have been as embarrassed as us fans over the last few years, I persona
  2. Still trying to get their story’s right where they all come out smelling of roses is my guess
  3. There will be a threatening banner of some sort going up at the piggery of mark wilson after tonight, he said earlier we got demoted 😂 the minute he said it I could hear the tarriers screaming from Amsterdam, NAW THEY FUCKING DIDNE, THEY DIED!!! 😂✊🏻💦
  4. How good does this season feel man😁 we have been ridiculed from every angle for years as a club and a support, even from within, we’ve argued and even threatened each other on this site but right now, in the middle of a fucking pandemic when we are awe snibbed this Rangers team are bringing unmeasurable joy, I don’t know if that fenian mobs car crash ramps it up but this team have come a long way and the right additions have been added this season to take us to a level acceptable for a Rangers team and without feeling entitled we fucking deserve a season like this for the pain we’ve suffered
  5. I’d easily have suffered them getting 9iar to watch them get in this state going for 10 😂 this season has been as beautiful as any I care to remember so far, long may it continue, your shot next livi, fling them about an have your fun with this sellic mob 😂
  6. Aye away at livi they are back but home games are a leveller during covid and the bold livi are on 8 wins in a row, how ironic if they done the 10 against the tarriers 😂
  7. This is the easy one for the fenians tonight against their wee brother club, wait till livi get them back to back 😂
  8. The sfa/spfl sanctioned it so they are deep in the shite with septic, it’s normally every man for themselves in this situation but it just proves the manky mobs power within the spfl/sfa
  9. Just got one today myself and had the results in 15 mins, no excuses for them cunts but they’ll get away with a slap on the wrists as usual
  10. See if they get away with isolating these players and are allowed to field the others, there has to be a full scale investigation into these filthy fenian cunts! Julien Barkas Hazard Taylor Ralston Henderson Johnston Ajeti Brown El hamed Rogic Bitton Klimala
  11. I hope it’s a fake 1 I’ve seen then mate, I actually believe it because if they could select 13 players to self isolate that would be who they would pick 100%
  12. Have you seen the list of the players who have apparently had to isolate? Only barkas and bitton are on it from their old firm selection
  13. Exactly the more spfl teams that test positive will force a circuit breaker, the tarriers know this, it’s unbelievable if what I’ve seen is actually the players that have to self isolate, no danger was edouard and the other french wank not sitting with jullien the whole trip except when training it looks like every player in their squad who doesn’t play have been selected for isolation, even Bitton who’s suspended is on the isolation list, him and barkas are the only 2 who played in the old firm game that are on the hand picked list
  14. Just had a swatch at the hibs forum to see their opinions on the manky mob and if they seem confident about getting something tonight but it’s fucking impossible...that hibs.net forum is nothing but a fenian tarrier shithole, their whole forum are more celtic fans than hibs fans I always thought this about them, that they were a mini celtic, suppose the hint is in their name but I just assumed they would have been hibs first and foremost, but nope! Either hibs are the most pathetic bunch of football fans the world has ever seen or it’s just their forum that has been infiltrated by more
  15. Don’t say that for fuxake, if Nhicola sees that an thinks it could catch on, the tarriers will get 10, she’ll get independence an Frank will get the door for ye
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