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  1. Was nice to see that result, but it means nothing more than that, the most important thing I took from that game was we look ready for the season starting, almost to the tee, the whole squad look hungry and raring to go (minus the absentees obv) I predict another great season even better than the last 🤞🏻
  2. Morelos would have buried defoes chances today, poor for any Rangers team to get beat off tranmere even our u21’s fs but the result means absolutely fuck all in all reality just get fit for the real stuff like these games are for an we’ll all be happy
  3. 😂 aye apparently a few peoples did..was wondering if they just fucked the full thing..didn’t know who they had Sent tops to and who they didn’t, and just decided to send them all again😂 either way it was a fortunate surprise, it might have said something like “de Legendofcoop” on the label but I don’t know what it means, I’m not fluent in Dutch yet😉
  4. Just got home today and the good lady said castore have delivered another championship top, I feel a bit guilty as I’ve seen a few people don’t even have the one they paid for, but at €98 i feel like I should get 2 haha, this happened to anybody else?
  5. Mines arrived today to Amsterdam, totally unexpectedly tbh, I checked the tracking code and it still says “on the way” but I’m pleasantly surprised it even came, especially when is was being delivered by, IMO is the worst company out there, in Hermes.
  6. Jeffrey gony fucking spunk in the pigeons mouth so he can put your cock down ffs I know we are everyone, anyone these days but fkin hell man🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Tomatasauce on bacon is fucking tarrier food mate, I’ve no doubts there’s a few choking on their rolls the now
  8. It’s only the fact Hagi isn’t crucial to our team we are even discussing it, he’s a decent player and contributed well this year but easily replaceable imo morelos and barisic would be an instant NO! If we were talking about them going to the olympics an missing our champions league qualifiers, you can troll on here all day but yer wasting yer time ya fud
  9. Would morelos be allowed to go you think? Or barisic for that matter? stop acting like a wrong yin ffs
  10. Listen mate, away and take a break again like the last time yer wee boyfriends on here ditched ye😂 typically the bears win 55 and the streaky wee virgins come back
  11. Shut up ya fucking famous rat wae wings, take your wee peenarse out yer wee rm pals mouths ffs
  12. Watch him half arse it😂 dearly fucking me 🤦🏻‍♂️in that case if he acted like that I wouldn’t send him to the olympics, I’d send him back to football obscurity warming a Belgian bench somewhere
  13. 😂 did I I’d love to see that quote again, he’s not too good to be backup to tav pal but he’s far too good to be going to the olympics so thank fuck there’s no team gb
  14. Not if the best young players play for a big club in which case it’s exactly the same situation we are talking about here, I know aguero and messi have played in the olympics previously but to say every squad is made up of the best young talent from that country just isn’t true, you may well believe it and want it to be true but factually it’s bollox! The best players play in the tournaments that are endorsed or run by fifa, that’s the grand stage! The olympics is faked up with regards to football, and the reason the uk isn’t even represented in it
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