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  1. Probably Like a lot of Bears i was sitting depressed thinking I've seen this before, went from that to nearly knocking down the Christmas tree one shall be enjoying the beer tonight, thank you Rangers.
  2. Same mate, I thought we'd shat ourselves again, thankfully I was wrong, I'll be enjoying my beer tonight, thanks Rangers.
  3. That was a boot in the arse last night no doubt, I was hoping winning the League Cup would get this squad it's first taste of winning trophies, they fucked it, we are still in a great position League wise, but the tarriers will have got a boost from that shite result last night, Saturdays game is massive, we need to see a positive reaction.
  4. Hope the 'hand of God' leathers the wee cheating bastard around the head.
  5. Rangers website if this guy doesn't get a game shortly
  6. Exactly mate, Morelos was our big pay day, it never happened, it won't be happening now.
  7. Wait til scaberdeen play murderwell at hampdump mate
  8. Seen loads of the bastards here in Crete going to watch the game heh heh heh
  9. No surprise really, even when Hearts scored, you knew they'd come back into it, teams seem scared to beat they bastards for some reason, next season we must stop this shite of they rancid bastards winning everything, must.
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