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  1. Support was unreal again, I’ve said it before but on our day we are untouchable
  2. Seems to always sell out eh? Fair play if that’s your idea of it. Atm I don’t have a ticket and won’t be chasing one as got both last season so have a wee sash bash all set up that we’re all heading to
  3. Boy I know pointed this out to me at Hibs on Friday. Every other clubs biggest topic is “sevco” us not bad for a team that doesn’t exist...
  4. It’s very pricey for what it is IMO. Wouldn’t be me but suppose if you’re happy to pay it then it’s your choice
  5. 100% mate, his arrogance is astounding. I drank in KP when he had that gave that up when you were getting chucked out for certain songs, now bus drops us there and I’m every home game after he got rid a while back.
  6. Having a look at that myself the now. Good to see someone pointing out his attitude is fucking shocking
  7. They’re hardly quiet in the video but keep lying as per louden. Wonder how there new bus is getting on
  8. Mine are still there I’ll prob be banned soon
  9. They’re removing all comments on ff
  10. He’s a bully bastard never points out anyone that will face him up
  11. My exact thoughts he’s a wanker
  12. Usually post on FF. but thread was deleted. What the fuck is happening here
  13. I’m sure I read on twitter a few months back he had been reported to Rangers and wasn’t able to purchase any more tickets from the club. Could be wrong was a whole back
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