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  1. Wan guy dressed in green n white hoops associated to no body seen running from the scene with a lighter, investigations are ongoing
  2. A prerequisite of being a contributor on this site is your dislike for the SNP and rightly so and to this date ive yet to see or hear an argument for anything positive that mob have done so by deduction your one for the watching #FUCKTHESNP
  3. Disco lights on for Peter IMG_2898.MP4
  4. That’s a pity cos he’s pure pish
  5. Peedo’s yesterday, peedo’s today, peedo’s tomorrow. End thread
  6. Who’d have a meltdown over a nobody like you. We all know you called James Black, youve told the board umpteen times, the reality is no cunt cares. All you do is swim against the general consensus as a shit stirrer. Away n get a bird/boyfriend and maybe try getting a real job ya stoater
  7. I’m pretty sure you where a roaster before I was banned and changed my profile
  8. Rangers fan or not you are one roaster of a poster and this place would be better off if you and your opinion just fucked off back to licking arse at the Record,
  9. Just seen the new SPFL elected board members for next season, fuckin hell, Lawwell, Les Gray of Hamilton, Ross McArthur of Dunfermline, Ewan Cameron from Alloa, Ken Ferguson from Brechin and the token dude from St Johnstone who gets to bring the sandwiches for the fenian cabal.
  10. Not sure but you should definitely eat in the Neptune & Prawn Restaurant, food is superb
  11. Have the SFA seen what’s coming down the pipe and decided to charge Hearts and Thistle in the hope the judge who referred it to them decides to take it out their hands thus distancing them from the utter carnage that’s about to play out?
  12. I just got my bird down on two knees, not sure if that makes her a super duper George Floyd fan If so here’s to big George
  13. My mate shug, do ye know him lol
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