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  1. Tarriers are finding Covid helps them forget about the football
  2. Aye, Ajer is a grade A prick as well. Dembele was/is a cunt as well.
  3. Classless dickhead mate. Along with the thumb, Lustig and rat face Tierney their goading of players and fans (always ignored by referees) set new lows in classlessness Would have loved to have seen him face Ian Ferguson in his prime, he'd have loved snapping the cunt in two
  4. He's spent more time in the last few old firms falling about next to Alfredo trying to get him sent off than he has playing football. Comparing him with Steve Davis is as ridiculous as comparing Stevie Fulton with Baggio. Someone (Arfield's the man) should master doing the smirky mongo faces he pulls when he struts about like a prick and rip the pish mimicking him at every opportunity at the theatre of screams. Cunt will lose it and get sent off and Scottie can salute him off the field. Would become the most viewed YouTube clip ever Embarrassment of a man
  5. Balogun looked comfortable and done well and should retain the position my first choice when Tav was injured was Jack who would offer more going forward IMO but no complaints with Balogun who also has a tremendous attitude I was surprised at SG mentioning a loan as it would take so long to get up to speed etc. Looking back I think it was a good side swipe at Patterson - you’re not getting a mention because you’ll be suspended you clown, thanks son
  6. Apologies to BIB, I'm sure he's a top scout.
  7. Ruud Gullit will be pleased BridgeIsBlue wasn't a scout in the 80s
  8. The breeches were very clear. 1. The trip itself - Under the protocols you can only stay in a hotel for essential reasons - their trip was absolutely not essential. They came out and said EVERYONE - SPFL, SFA, Gov ok'd it. Each of those individually said they didn't and passed the parcel on to the others - the parcel never stopped and (as per my scribblings at the time) Mr Nobody sanctioned it. Tarriers get out - it was ok'd 2. The photos from the pool and the bar - under the protocols if it is essential to stay in a hotel (it wasn't as per the above) then where possible it should b
  9. We're pretty much on the same page with this. Where I disagree, and I get the feeling our club do too, is the bit about sitting back, accepting double standards and allowing the corruption to continue unchallenged. Our recent comments via SG about inconsistencies and what we can do to help the authorities with this issue have been professional and consistent. At some point, when 55 is won and when it suits us to do so, I get the feeling a dossier (hate that word after last year, but it fits the bill) of decisions, events, inconsistencies needing clarification will be produced wi
  10. Couldn't disagree more sorry Valance. They were given permission to go, not permission to breech the rules and if anything they should have been above and beyond They weren't allowed to use the bar area or the pool area (even if they had exclusive use of the facilities) in the same way that Jones and Edmundson weren't allowed to go to a party. 7 game bans v radio silence is inconsistent and wrong. 8-10 of their players have played in matches over the past 5 weeks when they should have been sitting in the stand suspended like Jones and Edmundson were. Because the author
  11. The level of media reporting on this is a red herring imo. What we should be focussing on is what, if any, action the SFA/SPFL take. As someone else suggested in the cases of Jones and Edmundson when we acted swiftly, suspended the players and brought it out in the open, the result was by far the harshest punishment dished out for Covid breeches and this highlights, again, the inconsistency that exists with the disciplinary system in Scotland. Perhaps the delay is due to us deciding the best course of action that allows us to deal with this without giving the SFA/SPFL rope to ha
  12. Brilliant, cheers About 20 years ago there was a colleague from Birmingham who would visit the Scottish office once a quarter or so. He was a director of a medium sized competitor bought out by our American owners and made a fair few quid (£2-3million according to some in the know) and as part of the deal he also got a cushy number with a good salary and benefits package. Anyway I would usually pick him up at the airport as we were good mates through conferences etc and on arrival at the office he would politely ask for everyone's attention and announce " It's always great to visit y
  13. Hall of Fame Senior Member 11,368 26,455 posts Gender:Male Location:LA Posted 3 hours ago 3 hours ago, peter huistra said: @The Dude"the long-term repercussions for them will go way beyond the club’s own internal disciplinary process". What repercussions will go beyond the club's own disciplinary process ? Waving cheerio to their Rangers career. I don't understand why you think I've mis-stated you position given the above answer to PH. It seems to me your stating as fact that in your article that the repercussions WILL go beyond
  14. Don't disagree that it takes more than ability and SG may very well decide that they need to go, the board may agree and off they go, or the board may disagree for financial reasons and they stay. All of this will be getting discussed today I would imagine and decisions getting made. My opinion is that they should be given a second chance, your opinion (stated as a fact) is that they won't be given a second chance. We can have our opinions but the facts will only be confirmed by the club
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