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  1. Kris Boyd has been a breath of fresh air as a pundit - talks very well, refreshingly honest and always prepared to fight our corner. I'd put Kevin Thompson in the same category I think he was good on Sunday but agree that he missed an open goal to humiliate that absolute cock socket Walker. In his opening half-time summary he twice stated that he was impressed with how "aggressive and nasty" Hibs were with a smirk on his face. Boyd was visibly pissed off but, with a bit more savvy, could have nailed the bellend to the floor......something like "Like most pros I loved a physical, aggressiv
  2. That shite must have been supplied from Hollicom Not one pundit, any replay angle or Hibs player/manager have claimed they were denied a penalty - and believe me if there was the slightest chance there was a foul it would have been replayed and analysed to death with Walker, Sutton, Stewart and all confirming it was a penalty The Daily Rhebel are fucking at it as usual Both yellow cards correct, offside wrong (but easy mistake to make, mind you) and a phantom penalty invented - so all in all it all balanced out As predictable as it is unbelievable This sort of shite,
  3. Livi's was, Ayer's hand was out from his body in an unnatural position. Fuck all like your claim
  4. That was never a penalty in a million years ya clown FFS
  5. I’m pretty certain it was Why? selective editing that Sky are particularly good at When Arfield went clear and should have scored, especially with the rebound, the first replay they showed proved it was onside with a camera that covered the whole area from a great angle. they showed several replays of their first goal, the first of which looked potential offside but chose not to show the camera which was best positioned to prove their player was onside or NOT I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence that this footage wasn’t used the second offside was so easy
  6. If the officials do their jobs properly, as they’re paid to do, we.... Play against 10 men for 60 minutes Win 2-1 and gain 3 points Tarriers second goal looked clearly offside so they’ve potentially gained 2 points Due to official errors while we lose 2 points Due to officials errors 4 point swing in their favour again These refs AND their assistants definitely know what’s at stake
  7. Then Ryan Jack got a red card for grabbing Stokes' fenian hand with his throat
  8. Leaving aside the fact that they missed it, the penalty they were awarded was, like the one they got on Saturday, very, very soft. Few, if any. big decisions will go against them this season. That's been a constant since they instigated a ref's strike a decade or so ago. Most refs are either subconsciously disinclined to make big calls against them or, in the case of some, consciously disinclined to make big calls against them
  9. The other side of this coin is the number of players red carded against them as opposed to us, especially when things are tight I’m confident the same ratios and patterns will apply
  10. 100% Morelos would (correctly) have been booked for diving for that. 6ft plus powerhouse sent flying through the air in a forward direction with a very, very slight tug (backwards) on his arm. Embarassingly soft. Compare and contrast with Itten's legs being taken away and Roofe being blatantly pushed in the back and we have a tale of 3 penalties, two that were blatant and not given and one which was ridiculously soft and given and (assuming we convert them) we could be 5 goals ahead instead of 2 and the likelihood is that if the tarriers win their games in hand they will go top
  11. The bheasts don't need anyone at the club to highlight it, the mhedia have it covered. Walker would have kicked it off with stunned, flabbergasted faux outrage at how such a blatant penalty could have been denied. There would be dozens of replays from multiple angles proving a) it was a penalty and b) there was no prior foul by the attacker Batton would pass to Hartson (or whatever cheerleader Sky had on that day) who would be even more perplexed than Andy and the main topic of conversation would be the blatant penalty, with "Lenny" asked for his (unbiased) view in the post match int
  12. You can go to the gym, go shopping then head out on a bender jumping on and off busses and trains, in and out of taxis and mixing with hundreds of people in loads of badly regulated environments - but you can't pop in to your mums for a cup of tea and give her some much needed company. There's been some strange decisions these last few months but this one is almost like they're now trolling us. Being given advice from a shower of c***s who thought it would be a good idea to send elderly patients who had already tested positive for Covid out of hospitals into care homes when they knew
  13. Worth mentioning that neither of our two stonewall penalties that were denied made the sport scene highlights far less warrant replays or analysis they simply didn’t happen
  14. The lack of urgency at the end of matches really frustrates me. Deep into injury time yesterday we were in the final third, wide on the right and 2 passes and 5 seconds later we were passing the ball about in our own half Our latest goal this season is 77mins whilst the tarriers have scored 2 in injury time in 2 home games. Goals could easily decide things this season and my frustration comes from the fact that the manager clearly wants a relentless approach but the players appear to have a bad habit of coasting home rather than going for the jugular. It's been a good start to the s
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