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  1. Just wants to stay on thy Sky roster and knows the expectations Absolutely embarrassing for a former captain
  2. We would be a great option if he wants to play first team football, with a decent chance of CL games too Dave Vos may be influential in this, possibly more so than Gio? If we could get him on a free/dev fee then paying £1m a year in wages isn't mad especially if we can get him on a 3 or 4 year contract. Potentially signing a huge asset for £4/5m over 4 years is exactly how we should be thinking imo Probably an outside chance but could work well for both parties
  3. Aye but he didn't lose 3 goals like 9 point Joe
  4. My first thought on taking the Villa gig was "high risk, bit of a graveyard (whoever gets the job will be 8th manager in 10 years, none of whom have enhanced their reputation) relegation battle v Europe, league challenge (with CL pretty much guaranteed for the winner), cups a realistic opportunity" It doesn't make a lot of sense at this stage for SG, but then again we didn't make a lot of sense for a rookie manager when he signed up, so he clearly has confidence and doesn't fear a challenge. He simply cannot win anything at Villa imo, loves being at a big club, loves winning and will fancy a pop at the CL which is why he won't go imo If he does then Lampard ticks lots of boxes for me
  5. Very detailed analysis by someone who knows what he's talking about. Guessing that Kieran Maguire from Liverpool University is not naturally a bear putting a positive spin on things too The thanks we owe to our current board is as big, if not bigger, than thanks due to the management and players. Where we might be now without their financial sacrifices and sheer determination to rebuild our club doesn't bear thinking about
  6. The notes say that neither the timing nor the amount are known We've already received £2.5m (£1.25m in 19/20 accounts and £1.25m in 20/21 accounts) My guess (maybe it's hope) is that these relate to season 19/20 - claim made for Mar/Apr/May paid in June/July hence split in the year end accounts. Hopefully there's a significant settlement coming and fair play to the board for having business continuity insurance in place, it's expensive and rarely claimable. It might turn out to be absolutely invaluable
  7. Watched it and was surprised at their lack of coverage and comment Daily rhebel headline says Hundreds of Rangers fans line street as Walter Smith makes final trip to Ibrox. You'd think they'd take the day off. Embarrassing
  8. Doncaster could well be toast here. IF, as seems to be the case, he went ahead and signed a commercial contract without informing Cinch that there was even just a potential conflict of interests which he had been made aware of by a member club, he has majorly fucked up. So far the whole mess has worked out rather well for Cinch as they have gained huge amounts of additional media coverage, none of which reflects badly on their brand. If I'm their commercial director the only reason you would currently be seeing my teeth would be the big grin on my face. Bear in mind though that this is a 5 year deal and there looks to be a distinct possibility that the biggest club in the league will not be carrying your logo at any point over the 5 year period and that the "added value" extra coverage will soon be over or, worse, may even start to cause issues. You'd definitely still be seeing my teeth, but I'd definitely not be smiling, I'd be looking for a 40%-50% reduction in my deal to reflect losing the biggest club from my coverage. Cinch will hold all of the aces IF Doncaster signed the deal knowing there was a potential conflict of interests that he decided to hide from them.
  9. I never suggested Balogun with Bassey or Simpson, I suggested Balogun and Helander which would (and would have in the past) give Goldson a rest and/or a boot up the arse when his form dipped I'm not screaming for him to be binned, just that he, like every other player should never be undroppable. He currently is due to a lack of options so, as I said before, it's a moot point but if/when both Balogun and Helander are available I'd be dropping Goldson on current form
  10. Goldson's distribution this season has been dreadful. He's not alone in that but if that's the key reason for him being undroppable then its a poor call. His form has been poor all season and he looks like his heads gone at times. It's a moot point as Helander is injured and we have no option but to persevere and hope he gets his game back (including his passing)
  11. All 3 are huge misses Helander is our best central defender by a distance. We need him back asap, especially with Balogun heading off to the African Nations. It mystified me why we never tried Balogun and Helander at any point as Goldson makes more errors than either imo but seems undroppable. We are just a more balanced team and Tav is far more effective with Jack in the team, covering his space when needed. He plays that role brilliantly. Worry for me is how long he's been out of action although he does tend to find his feet fairly quickly Kent is our most dangerous player by a distance (when on form) we struggle to create from open play when he's missing We will definitely be more solid and more dangerous when these three return, in the meantime we need to get the tempo and attitude sorted without them, starting on Sunday
  12. EVERY game is a big game if you want to win leagues We look complacent (Goldson and Kamara being prime examples) and lack tempo for long periods of very game, particularly from the start. We conceded 4 goals at Ibrox last season and have conceded 5 in 6 so far at home. Last season we pressed high and bombarded teams, this season we are too passive and look like we expect things to happen just because we're champions and better than our opponents. If we don't rectify some simple things (tempo and attitude) starting on Sunday then we won't win the league We have better players in most positions than the tarriers but their tempo and attitude is way better than ours at the moment It's up to Gerrard, the coaches and the players to sort it and sort it fast
  13. The worst tweet, wishing a big full of people to collapse, was just 5 months ago
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