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  1. I see the tarriers are "demanding clarification" (did they not used to seek clarification?) celtic demand SFA clarification over Rangers 5 delay as Parkhead club call for 'transparency and consistency' Nathan Patterson and Bongani Zungu will be free to take part in the Scottish Cup clash after an appeal. SHARE By Michael Gannon 19:15, 9 APR 2021 UPDATED19:20, 9 APR 2021 celtic have contacted the SFA demanding clarification over the delay in the Rangers Covid Five case. Parkhead chiefs are seeking answers from Hampden beaks after charges aga
  2. That's the press conference equivalent of booting someone's baws Sure he must have Whtsapp'd BigJK the "shoooosh cunt" gif that used to be on here
  3. You forgot the thumb had a couple of dozen round his gaff for a party TLB confirmed they were aware of it but it was “ no biggie” same punishment as the Dubai breechers - hee haw he mentions Bolingoli as if it’s comparable to our situation Bolingoli flew to Spain on a flight with dozens of others when he wasn’t supposed to travel anywhere other than to work and home, pumped a hooker, returned on another busy flight ( posing for selfies without a face mask), got picked up at the airport by a club official (remember they claimed they knew nothing - its natural) , trained
  4. 100% We should have appealed the 7 games for Jones and Edmundson on the basis of the less severe punishment s for worse offences by Bolingoli and the sheep squad, or no punishments for the thumb, ping pong and the big tarrier defender from DUFC but (semi-understandably) took it on the chin and noted the severity and the precedent. For multiple breeches to be admitted by Kennedy (then denied by TLB lol) to then be swept under the carpet is a joke and needs exposed We have quoted consistency/inconsistency several times this year and it's time to challenge this shit
  5. “It is vital that football authorities, clubs, government bodies and social media companies work together to educate and empower to ultimately, eradicate hatred from our game and society in general. “We are keen to continue to engage but highlighted that we need to see clear outcomes from discussions rather than simply ticking a box.” Brilliant Tav, ticking boxes is the worst outcome possible
  6. John Fleck will be 30 in August, no way would we pay £10-15m for him even if he was mid 20s
  7. This is apparently from one of their player's social media yesterday. Think he may have been one of the player's in earshot who looked stunned (anyone confirm?) Given how the club and their vile fans have handled and reacted to this these guys will be feeling vulnerable, threatened and disgusted I would imagine Not sure I would be feeling "part of something" in their shoes One of their players Peter Olayinka is also a team mate of Aribo and Balogun with Nigeria, maybe some chat going on there too. Coloured players are genuinely sick of this shit and could well stand wi
  8. They're the football authority's equivalent of the thumbs hairdresser
  9. Eilidh Barbour suggested (Devil's advocate she called it) that although there was no contact the fact he had to avoid the "lunge" caused him to go down so should the ref have considered that? O'neill decided to agree so that he could disagree with Boyd who he said had "his blue collar on today" to which big Boydy beamed "I've had it on for months Martin" O'neill spent the rest of the day trying to be a condescending smart arse and generally succeeding only in making himself look like the bitter prick he is. Boydy just smiled and laughed at him in a way that shouted "Keep making a cu
  10. Maxwell confirmed at the end of last week that there was "nothing to see" re Dubai (literally his words ffs) Barely a mention in the mhedia of course The problem, as ever, is consistency. A player flying to Spain for his hole, returning and training for 3 days and than coming off the bench and actually playing gets a 3 match (plus 2 suspended) ban while our two got straight seven despite not leaving the country, not training and not playing. The thumb throws a party for a couple of dozen at his gaffe and yellow fangs describes it as "no biggie" and fuck all happens Ping pong fli
  11. Passion and pride Thanks guys, you have put your money where your hearts lay and deserve every thanks going
  12. Another inconsistency that pisses me off. Teams waste time from start to finish without so much as a gee-along, we try to waste 10 secs in injury time and out comes a card
  13. Cost us 5 points in two games at Aberdeen (pen on Alfredo given as a free kick outside the box) and his shocker at Kilmarnock (not sending off Dicker for diving when on a yellow - note the difference between that and Alfredo tonight - not seeing hand ball for their equaliser, chopping off Alfredo's goal and no red card for last man foul on Kent) That performance rivalled his cheating v Hibs at Ibrox that made his name. Had we won the 6 points like we should we would have been 8 points behind with a game in hand and two tarrier games to play when the season was stopped
  14. As others have noted, not an easy watch but that brings home how far we've come King and the three bears forcing regime change was/is imo the most significant part of the journey and should be included Without that event I shudder to think where we might be now
  15. Love it Personally I’m hoping we beat Livingston and St Mirren and they slip up next Sunday which happens to be my 55th birthday It will be emotional whenever it happens and all the really matters is that we do it, but for me personally next Sunday would be extra special
  16. I'm not convinced there's bans coming for our guys as, SURELY, that would mean bans for 7/8 tarriers for Dubai. The bans for Jones and Edmundson were way out of step with previous punishments for similar and worse and, when we accepted them, we publicly noted the precedent. We should (I think we will) be making it clear that we expect consistency for covid breeches and we will contest any inconsistencies After today the tarriers have 7 games left and, if bans are being dished out consistently, they should be without several first team regulars for the rest of the season
  17. Tarriers are finding Covid helps them forget about the football
  18. Aye, Ajer is a grade A prick as well. Dembele was/is a cunt as well.
  19. Classless dickhead mate. Along with the thumb, Lustig and rat face Tierney their goading of players and fans (always ignored by referees) set new lows in classlessness Would have loved to have seen him face Ian Ferguson in his prime, he'd have loved snapping the cunt in two
  20. He's spent more time in the last few old firms falling about next to Alfredo trying to get him sent off than he has playing football. Comparing him with Steve Davis is as ridiculous as comparing Stevie Fulton with Baggio. Someone (Arfield's the man) should master doing the smirky mongo faces he pulls when he struts about like a prick and rip the pish mimicking him at every opportunity at the theatre of screams. Cunt will lose it and get sent off and Scottie can salute him off the field. Would become the most viewed YouTube clip ever Embarrassment of a man
  21. Balogun looked comfortable and done well and should retain the position my first choice when Tav was injured was Jack who would offer more going forward IMO but no complaints with Balogun who also has a tremendous attitude I was surprised at SG mentioning a loan as it would take so long to get up to speed etc. Looking back I think it was a good side swipe at Patterson - you’re not getting a mention because you’ll be suspended you clown, thanks son
  22. Apologies to BIB, I'm sure he's a top scout.
  23. Ruud Gullit will be pleased BridgeIsBlue wasn't a scout in the 80s
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