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  1. Everyday is interesting being a Rangers fan.
  2. Got to be better than that explosive goose shite to be fair.
  3. The point I made is just as valid as your opinion of him.
  4. Can't be richer than the money bloated mess that is the EPL surely? Even in 2012?
  5. He was at a critical point in his career. Either fulfil an ambition to play in the richest league in the world or share a half time pot noodle in the arsehole end of Scottish football? Not to mention having Chucky fucking Green as your boss.
  6. Good shout. They know what it takes to win this shite league and still have plenty to offer.
  7. I like his Lego Muncher piss take pose and the red thats up to his knees.
  8. Compared to the league titles and cups McGregor has won with us, what has Tav won for us that's of note?
  9. Shit I'd rather it was someone who's actually won things with us like McGregor. Tav is much better than he used to be but I question his big club winners mentality. He can't be happy with a draw anymore.
  10. Not watched it yet, please tell me he didn't call it that??
  11. I'm expecting a handsome victory over TNS. Pre-season or not, a win always raises our mood.
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