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  1. I remember Aberdeen and Dundee United winning it and Hearts coming very close but all a very long time ago. Aberdeen in 1991 was probably the last real chance for one of them, football changed forever in 1992 and the diddy teams got left behind.
  2. I'll take getting to our first European final in 36 years over being consistent in the early rounds of the europa league any old day of the week. Add in 92/93 as well. It's no really comparing apples with apples until Gerrard's team competes in the champions league and marries it to domestic success though.
  3. When we won the league cup in 86 we used it as a platform to go and win our first title for 9 years. The two are interconnected, especially when there's questions about whether this team will collapse when a trophy is in sight.
  4. The league isn't over but we were bound to have an off night sometime. Glad it's in the league cup, hope we respond on saturday.
  5. For first few months with us Amato ran like he was carrying a piano on his back.
  6. We’ve been crying out for a goal threat from midfield
  7. First OF game is massive. Win that then the DFB’s could crumble
  8. If that’s how they want to run their club that’s their business. They have a wealthy owner and can absorb any hit from today. Money probably wasn’t the only motivation, two full stands full of Rangers fans would have made it like an away game for them.
  9. That’s their problem. If I was a Killie fan I’d resent both us and the papes getting 2 stands and making it like an away game on their own ground.
  10. They look after their own interests first. The sense of entitlement on here when clubs don’t pander specifically to Rangers is embarrassing.
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