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  1. He had superhuman reactions. Made up for the fact he was probably on the small side as goalkeepers go.
  2. What Gerrard said at the weekend was pretty damning. That's nothing to do with the press or whatever, the guy has downed tools.
  3. Same shite, different season.
  4. Very sad. Just before my time but a true Rangers legend.
  5. Head turned towards the fridge.
  6. That's a bit much, he's just badly off form.
  7. This mob are there for the taking. Mon Rangers, hit them with old one-two. Get it to the big man.
  8. He looked a bit rusty at times and was maybe trying too hard but overall he was ok.
  9. Only skimmed the last few pages of this thread. Has McCoist murdered somecunt or something going by some of the posts?
  10. The summer of 1995 was a brilliant time to be a bear. Gazza, what a player he was.
  11. Remember just feeling total relief when he came back.
  12. Brilliant! Also love the fact that that Greegs still calls Walter 'gaffer'.
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