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  1. Being deadly serious when i say id rather have Windass and i fucking hate Windass
  2. That’s what I get for betting on the tarrier bastards
  3. 2.30 Barney Roy 4.20 Phoenix of Spain 5.35 Willie John Thats my picks for the day, i know fuck all
  4. Its grown on me a bit however that "we will follow Rangers" is fucking gay
  5. Looking for a ticket for the Stobo Castle Ladies day at Musselburgh next weekend if anyone is cba losing a rake of cash
  6. VAR to be used in both this weeks Champions League Games 3/1, stuck a tenner on it
  7. Thought our right back was brilliant, along with McPake who seemed a cut above the rest. I did not think Dapo, NYC & Kai Kennady stood out massively but that is the only time i have seen them play so i wont judge! Great win boys!
  8. All three are disappointing imo
  9. Teeing off at Castle Stuart at 11:20 will be rushing round to get in the clubhouse for 3pm hopefully wont be too late. Tough game but going to go 3-1 to us
  10. That is unreal that one, mental that’s some random wee guy on a computer can often make nicer kits than the specialist brands 😂
  11. Mad isn’t it!!! Won’t look to pretty even when it’s stitched up
  12. @Rfc52 @Moody Blue Legend Apologies thought it was! fucking grim though
  13. Ended well for him. Released yesterday saying he’s not apologising and it’s the best thing he’s done 😂 suppose that’s karma
  14. not a player but an obvious one is Walter first time round
  15. https://www.fifauteam.com/new-fifa-20-stadiums-vote-favourites/ Get voting for Ibrox, would love it if it was in the game! Id imagine PES has the rights to it though
  16. Will make a massive difference, hopefully happens sooner rather than later, close season i would imagine though. Good news!
  17. Begby


    100% Agree, Worrall backing off into the fucking carpark brought back sickening memories of Rob Keirnan SCF
  18. Scum of the earth Scott Brown, wish Kent had taken his head off his shoulders
  19. Give me some of that mate all my pals are away out on the all day shot on Sunday so they will be steaming and they know how wound up i get so they will be texting me non stop if we concede etc cant take it
  20. hes been fired into some shitey SBC
  21. From my rewards then spend £15.99 on packs after 😂
  22. It was as clear a penalty as you're likely to see, fucking stupid challenge and set the tone for that awful day
  23. Hes a dirty bastard but i like that in him, if only our outfield players had a bit of his psycho in them
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