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  1. Love Morelos, always will. He’s set records at this club and done some special special things. That player is gone. He is a shadow of his former self. Not sure what has happened but he’s playing himself out of the starting squad, only issue being there’s no one to replace him.
  2. Fuck off. Should’ve been 3-0 but we walk away with a point and listening to those brain dead wanks singing like they’ve won the league
  3. Championship level stuff at times, first time we’ve seen it all year. Hopefully this is us turning the corner
  4. Imagine that, Lundstram needed time to adjust and settle in.
  5. Great watch, apologies if posted elsewhere
  6. Usually Champions League sides play in Champions League
  7. Lazy question, but where does the coefficient sit for champions league seasons down the road. I understand the focus this year has to be the league, but these European campaigns are what makes the league so valuable. saying the league is all that matters doesn’t really make any sense. The only reason the league matters so much this year is because we’ve been so successful in our European campaigns
  8. Don’t really see the “a lot of pace in that lineup” angle … other than Sakala I don’t see anyone who I would say has dangerous pace …
  9. Just went to check the price and saw we’re slight favourites … completely out of form, no centre backs, away in Europe, still favourites. WATP
  10. Just throw Lundstram into the CH role. Tav Balogun Lundstram Barisic
  11. 5 points worse off in his first 7 matches than they were Lennon’s last 7 matches
  12. They’re averaging 1.4 points per game domestically and all big Ange has to say is “I don’t worry about things like that”
  13. They are not good. At all. Long live angeball
  14. Love to see Bacuna and Hagi together in midfield. Attack is too stagnant lately, need players willing to take risks and create going forward centrally, not just sending balls out wide to be crossed in and cleared. Should be going through teams with the talent we have, not constantly playing wide It’ll probably be Lundstram Davis Kamara though
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