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  1. https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/euro-boss-should-be-careful-what-he-wishes-for-with-Rangers-claim/ from RO32 draw .. their manager asking for us “If I had to say one particular team, it would probably be the Glasgow Rangers. That would be a good draw.”
  2. not long now until the lifelong Slavia Prague fan who moved to Glasgow shows up with the full squad breakdown
  3. gotta be happy with that, for us and the coefficient
  4. The lego muncher on the touch line next year showing everyone how hard he is
  5. rats across town almost matched that in the group stage this year
  6. they found the on button around halftime imo
  7. recap of how this thread is going
  8. Idiot or not, red card or not, like him or not, we should be able to beat Hamilton without our first choice striker. Whole team was off it on the day. Judging by some of the discussions and threads on this forum a lot of our fans, myself included, are spending more time planning the party and celebration than time focusing on the remainder of the current season. That mentality is undoubtably slipping into the team ... that game will fix that. That game is the wake up call everyone needed. The league may be all but done, but there’s still a job to do
  9. He’s been shite. Operation Stop the ten. Direct order from the Queen no doubt.
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