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  1. Agreed. Deal with it or risk more players reacting and taking action themselves.
  2. Patterson suspension is looming so necessary to have Tav back in situ. What might be interesting is to see Tav in right midfield with Patterson playing full back.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if Patrick Viera surfaced for the gig with a new challenge v Gerrard.
  4. European football is so much more open suiting Kent and many of our other forwards. They tend to rely on their superior technical skills whereas the SPFL teams are just intent on stopping us play and they revert to 10 men behind the ball and overly physical challenges. A real treat to see us play classy football, although to be fair Antwerps defence is pretty ropey.
  5. Can't recall 3xactly but seem to think King said he had been given time to sort things out. Difficult job must have been acknowledged and accepted by both parties in order for it to have gone ahead. Europe and the extra dosh would have been a factor in ensuring progress or at least losses being kept to an acceptable level. Champions League will hopefully boost the coffers plus of course an increase in the player valuations. Wouldn't surprise me if Gerrard hasn't got a release clause built into the contract if Liverpool came calling. As a group of fans, pressure was put on in the ear
  6. So true. It never ceases to amaze how much we love to criticise our players individually. The team has been great all season and again last night they should a strength and character lacking in recent seasons. I don't understand the way we attack players on here. Aribo has been the subject of some guff on here yet, he scored the opener last night and a screamer recently. The last few weeks we haven't been at our best but collectively we have done the business. Give the guys a break and a bit of support.
  7. Thought about a lengthy reply here but decided no. Why is it the only time you hear from C1872 is when they want cash - in a hurry! It seems to me that the big issue for C1872 is a basic lack of trust in their leadership, management and general communication. What really is their recruitment strategy? How do they engage with their members and the wider Global Rangers community. Without doubt their target audience is massive but its just not good enough to sit back and wait for folk to walk through the door waving the wonga. It ain't going to work, they need to sell themselves, explai
  8. Tackles like Roofe's are common place in every game and now we will all be looking out for them and parity. SFA better recruit more admin in the Compliance department ready for the rush. Gerrard was 100% correct on the issue of consistency. This is crunch time for the SFA, we are at the crossroads and whatever happens with Roofe is potentially a new benchmark. The tackle looked bad, we might see why it was cited, irrespective of the refs decision, but as we know from previous incidents and video/photo evidence, the case is surely defensible with precedents being set. Consistency is k
  9. Tackles like Roofe's are common place in every game and now we will all be looking out for them and parity. SFA better recruit more admin in the Compliance department ready for the rush.
  10. This is now opening a can of worms. Gerrard was right about consistency and we can now expect all and sundry to be making referrals to the panel.
  11. I think so much of what we are seeing is down to tactics. Zungu looks to me as if he wants to surge forward but is restricted by our desire to keep possession and pass it along the back line. I love the way we have been playing this season but these last few games, since Dundee United, we have not found it so easy. On Wednesday in the earlier stages, both Davis and Barasic repeatedly played it sideways or backwards and oddly Helander had more of the ball and was the one to probe. He for me usually is the sideways man almost to the extent that you must always give the ball to Goldson.
  12. Well I will go against the flow. I think there is something there. Too early to condemn him to the 'useless' pile. I seem to recall Tavernier coming in for stick and the same with Arfield and Davis. I know he wasn't great v St Mirren giving the odd stray pass but in the last game, Davis and Kamara were slow starters giving the ball away. Mistakes happen (ask Goldson). There is time yet to see how he pans out and I wish him well.
  13. Hagi did make a difference, along with the other subs, but it was made for him. It was all about attack and he had no defensive duties or the need for mixing it with the opposition. Not knocking the guy, just saying the situation played to his strengths so credit to Gerrard for deploying him at the right time.
  14. I think any money put into C1872 is pretty safe, think there are rules etc governing their activity. Only thing is, you are putting your trust in a Board to represent you, you give up your individual right but that is where C1872 will get their strength. The reason I asked my earlier questions was to ascertain if they are professional and pro active. This is a massive step and opportunity. If they have been working on it behind the scenes for a while, I would expect existing members to be fully engaged and up to speed and equally for their organisation to have plans in place to promote th
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