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  1. Think your spouting Baws Adam tbh
  2. Bitterly disappointed with SSB in the last few weeks tbh, Might take a donner down Kerry Fail Street, Hopefully might catch the last Tim in a minute
  3. Missed it the night Troops, was helping ma lad with his homework and helping Mrs Qwerty apply for a couple of jobs, have a missed much or is it mainly St Johnstone being the Team of the Millenia???
  4. When we win 55, I'll listen to this towards the end of the night to soothe what will be the mother of all hangovers,
  5. Dave King so emotional when he stepped down at the AGM Some Man
  6. Was in the Butchers here in Newcastle yesterday and Simply the Best was playing Gave the Butchers 20 minutes worth of the Glasgow Rangers Journey and what it will mean in a few weeks time for us Bears. Butcher loved the history chat and gave me a £5 of my beef. Its coming home and im starting to wonder how far we can go in Europe also. Then wondered if we one in Europe, would Stevie get a stand or something named after him in the club, Absolutely buzzing this morning, Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo coming home in the next few days
  7. Goosebumps from the off, Simply the best running through the video, Emotions running high this morning Canny wait WATP Fuck the Tims!
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