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  1. Mate furloughed and skint mate, if i could afford it i would pay it mate, dosn't stop me supporting ma team though....if its any consolation, im listening with Dutch commentary.
  2. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/68418/Willem_II_vs_Rangers.html
  3. Me Driving home on the bike last week, right behind an X5 Armed response plod car....... As if by magic it puts the blues and 2's on, all cars in front pull over to the slow lane. At this point as the traffic disperses like Moses and the Red sea, i kick down a cog or two and grinning like a Cheshire cat give the bike a bit of beans and keep right behind the X5. The Famous are playing St Jonstone and im defo gonna be home well early......result thinks me. 2 mins later i check my mirrors and see an unmarked beemer on my rear end lights flashing , not wanting to hold the plod up,
  4. Sky Documentary channel 114 mate
  5. Just finished watching this again on TV tonight, Cracking Guy with a big Heart for Rangers.
  6. Barkers shooting as good as his hairdressers cutting
  7. Find a way to win Rangers, Just find a fucking way!!
  8. Mon the Son of William......No Surrender....Find a way through this mire of fucking turdidge!!!
  9. Mrs watching James Bond, im getting the James Bond theme music watching this.....mint
  10. Pitch wouldn't look a miss in an Asda, Vegetable / Fresh Fruit display
  11. Ma Garden looks better than that pitch by the way!
  12. Straight intae these hammer throwers Mon the Queens 11, WATP!
  13. can anyone post a clip of the second goal? had the polis at the door to congratulate me on my TT style driving which i displayed on the way home from work and missed it..... thanks in advance
  14. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/65576/Rangers_vs_St_Johnstone.html
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