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  1. Ffs bike broke down watchibg from the roadside waiting for the rac and now were 1 nil down
  2. Met Gary Stevens in the Pirnhall Inn in Stirling, was out with my Maw and DA, Said to ma Da that it was Gary Stevens, Gary look up but was with his Wife and Family, left them alone to have their scoff, and when I was walking out he turned and said, thanks for not brining it to the attention of the whole boozer, wished him luck for the European Game, Top BLOKE.
  3. Standby, Standby https://www.london-globe.com/united-kingdom/2020/03/13/sas-hunt-soldier-brodies-killers/
  4. Mmmmmmm my thoughts on Hearts...…...
  5. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/Rangers-tv/video-steven-gerrard-reaction-98/
  6. Its a Military term for excessive physical exercise, where you exercise someone to within an inch of there life because in this day and age you cannot simply take them around the corner and punch the living fuck right out of them, no matter how much you would like to.
  7. Simple solution for me today: 1. Gets players in this morning. 2. Ask them who wants to play for Rangers and who genuinely does not. 3. Interview each and every first team player to test them on their loyalty and club history. 4. Thrash the first team players in multiple training sessions until they are physically sick reiterating how much he wants to win.. 5. Separate the losers, the inept, the scared, the weak and the impostors from the genuine warriors. 6. Put a team of warriors together who have proved via point 4 above that they are driven, have
  8. I know this is mental and tin hat about to go on here but.......... If Stevie is still here for the next game we as fans as hard as it will be need to put our arm round him and give him our support. If the players are not playing for him and he bins half the first team we need to make him understand that we trust and support him and his staff. The Guy is a winner i believe it in my heart......he needs a bit more time and our backing By fuck this ship is out the harbour and we are in fucking stormy water. We need someone to put the hand on the ships tiller and steer us out t
  9. Stevie If you read this, remember Fergie was one game away from getting sacked at Man U. If you fell that you and your staff have given the players your max effort and there giving you fuck all Theres only 2 options Drop the players not giving you the effort and run with whoever you need to and experiment for the remainder. Or you can fall on your sword and exit with your tail between your legs. Never ever surrender..........As long as you can breath you should never be out of the fight. WATP Stevie At the minute you are our leader. Shoulder the burden
  10. And you can pick up some bangin cheap lego for the kids for christmas........win, win , win 🙂
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