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  1. Here we go another game watching the last 5 mins guzzling beer in the kitchen, plucking up courage to look at telly through crack in livin room door 🙄
  2. It’s about mentality, they are fighting literally for there lives, contracts with stipulations that you lose a percentage of your yearly wage if get relegated focuses the mind when it’s on the horizon. Our players on the other hand have done the hard work & just seeing it out
  3. Was expecting performances to lose there edge, the players know it’s more or less in the bag, if we are only a few points clear going into that game the mentality is different all week at training & going into the game.
  4. Nobody can say for certain if that was a stamp or not, only one person knows. The wee man defo gets a rough ride from the media, although he doesn’t help himself at times, if that had been the same incident with itten involved this would never have got as much air time or column inches.
  5. I would urge any being critical of the performances of the team to google the results from our 9 in a row seasons,we didn’t win every game 3-0. Some of the games were a grind & we drew a lot of games that before k.o we were short price to win.
  6. Having both airfield & jack missing is obviously a bigger problem than 1st Thought, 1 of the 2 playing makes a difference.
  7. That’s no stick on for Alfie but got to be a better effort
  8. Thank fuck it’s half time I cam come out from behind the couch
  9. Kent will play absolutely no doubt about it... forget the lacklustre performances against teams sitting in, he will find more space on Saturday & give them problems.
  10. I agree, but if gerrard & the management think bringing this forward 5 hours helps us by even the smallest margin on Saturday I’m for it.
  11. I agree that two wins shuts the door & no doubt gerrard is going to be aggressive with there defensive frailties, but if it’s a hard fought game that ends a draw it’s a better result for us, they are then relying on snookers it’s out there hands.
  12. Paid 17.50 to Saints tv, think I’ll speak to my boy & try the vpn route this time... Thanks
  13. Sorry for being lazy could google.... what’s the tv options for this?
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