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  1. celtic at home (Goldson) young boys away (Tav) Hearts draw (Tav) aberdeen draw (Goldson looking at referee) that’s post December. Only four games we dropped points in or lost. (except Feyenoord and Porto where they are good results) Tavernier Hearts goldson v Hamilton. cant even remember other fucking goals that have fucked us
  2. Goldson and Tavernier have cost us in 6 games that I can recall combined. both frauds and they should not play for us again. done with them.
  3. We have the most fickle fanbase going. Some of the threads on here are an unbearable read, including this one. players who 2 months ago were class etc are now being called shite because we have had a terrible run. calling for Helander to be the saviour when a couple months ago people were calling him shite. So many keyboard tacticians who know minimal about the game or management and think players are robots. We’ve been absolute dog shit for a number of reasons. We’ve stopped grinding out results but fuck me what’s the point in asking for the manager to be sacked to stop 10IAR when continuity for fucking once is the only thing that’s most likely gonna get us out of this. Individual mistakes are costing us in these games, whether that be defensively or horrendous decision making in the final third. celtic have literally dropped about 8 points all season. They are most likely going to finish on 100 points the way things are going. It was only a matter of time before before they pulled away when they are constantly winning games. reality is they have a team of winners that know what must be done constantly. confidence would also take a massive beating when referee decisions are influencing the outcome of certain games especially so many since the start of December. If a lot of us think referees are trying their best to stop us from winning how do you think the players feel constantly having to play twelve men. the league season is quite clearly over but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been improvement this season once again. Continual improvement is better than continual change. Gerrard is not Warburton or Caixinha. He still needs time.
  4. Very good footballer going through a real bad confidence crisis.
  5. You’re not the only mongo
  6. From the mongo that always does it as well. Fucksake he’s been excellent for a few months and now he’s shite etc. Ridicolous
  7. They’ve scored one against us this season that should’ve counted. Hayes at Ibrox. The rest should’ve been fucking dissalowed
  8. You’re a moron. He shat fuck all. Stupid cunt
  9. But at the same time we have kept a clean sheet every time he has played...
  10. Helander is too slow. Luckily not many teams in SPFL will be good enough to take advantage of that.
  11. Both are very good striker. Both have what the other Lacks. Morelos lacks a bit of composure in front of goal and possibly good close control. Edouard has both of these. But what morelos lacks can be taught. What Edouard lacks cannot be.
  12. Happy with the three points but that display in their final third tonight was absolutely shocking. Generally good performance though shouldve absolutely horsed them by 4 or 5.
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