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  1. Winning when we don’t play well is the most important thing. We play shite last year we drop points. This year we’ve played shite a lot and only lost one Game. Hopefully they play into form
  2. There isn’t anything about Legia. celtic though in trouble for effectively doing the same. Consistency 🤔🤔
  3. If you Genuinelly don’t think it’s a horrible thing to do, ask how a guys dead sister is to his face, then you’re the issue here. Singings songs etc is nowhere near the same as going up to someone and asking how their dead relative is. If it happened to any one of us in the street we’d be fucking furious and want blood.
  4. Is that another quote from his eleven year old? 😁
  5. Quite clearly doesn’t trust the quality of his wingers
  6. One hundred and two. The amount of points to play for. Today we lost 3.
  7. Always gonna be a few like that. Cunts say nothing when we win n crawl out under their rocks when things like today happen.
  8. Don’t think anyone is saying much about Gerrard other than he got it wrong today which is true. 102 points to play for
  9. Your 11 year old never said that
  10. Shut up you mongo. He was our best player today
  11. Honesty canny believe we played that way when both games last season we fucking pumped them. Fucking amateur hour.
  12. Gerrard is the man at fault today. Set up the team totally wrong. Showed them too much respect. Playing five central midfielders is a fucking joke. Morelos should’ve started. Defoe got bullied. Ojo is a shitebag with less heart than Ejaria.
  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Just a story written by this mongo. It’s satirical but the guys a fat mongo none the less he reported me on Twitter when I called Megan Rapinoe a cunt n got me put in Twitter jail for a few days.
  15. It will be easier this time as there won’t be tickets sold for the game yet. So close probably club deck 4,5,6,7 and re allocate them elsewhere.
  16. We’ve to close another 3000 seats at next home game apparently
  17. Hope they punched every one of their cunts in
  18. Already seems a mentality change. Two late winners already this season when there was effectively one last season. Ps fuck uefa, fuck Fare, Fuck fenians. Fuck that fat bitter fenian mink Boruc and fuck Tom English. Buffalo fucking soldier
  19. Burts91


    He’s our best defender. A fucking warrior. Would absolutely run through anycunt to stop a goal. The mans a mountain and he wins every fucking header going. Fuck the Fucking pope
  20. Nike new sponsors confirmed
  21. Union bears are the only ones that create an atmosphere within the stadium for home games. Generally the way it goes is the songs they sing are then joined in by thousands of others. So if they start billy boys etc then it generally gets sang by more. don’t feel the club should’ve banned BF1. Saying that, there isn’t really anywhere else that deserves to be banned from the game either so it’s a lose lose for everybody involved.
  22. I fucking hate everycunt now with a fucking passion.
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