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  1. I think Morelos is a see you next tuesday of the highest order
  2. I said the same last season. He has taken the piss out of us. Went AWOL on and off the pitch last season. Has never delivered when it matters either. Good riddance to him.
  3. The sooner this sewer rat who has dragged our clubs good name through the mud leaves the better.
  4. I tend to agree. Another example of a half decent player south of the border who showed promise earlier in his career, but whose form and appetite for the game seems to have massively nose dived after earning a decent money move. He broke lock down rules during the pandemic and seems a bit of a bad egg.
  5. I agree mate. It does muddy the waters. I suspect this is a club policy. Identify young players with potential early for minimal outlay. I am in favour providing we also add experience.
  6. The players will be identified by Ross Wilson and the scouting department. Gerrard will have the final say, but it is the DofF and his scouting team who will produce a list of targets to the manager and he will say yay or nay. It will be Wilson who will be behind the Massey transfer and interest in McGhee.
  7. It will have a huge impact. https://www.ft.com/content/067a3eeb-e915-48af-8384-94fdc495cf59 Coronavirus threatens €10bn hit to football transfer market Player values tumble as Europe’s top teams prepare to cut spending after pandemic weakens revenues
  8. Looks like Peterborough are using the local newspaper to try and up the ante. £4m bid apparently turned down from New York Red Bulls. They want double. As you say, with a year left on his contract and with global recession they have no chancehttps://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/peterborough-united/peterborough-united-turn-down-multi-million-pound-bid-new-york-red-bulls-star-man-ivan-toney-2890379
  9. Albrighton is a good player. Very under rated.
  10. Rangers boss Steven Gerrard could bring Dion McGhee to Ibrox but West Ham want him too https://www.hammers.news/club-news/report-Rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-could-bring-dion-mcghee-to-ibrox-but-west-ham-want-him-too/
  11. No. It's a medium to long term strategy that could be implemented alongside one of signing players who are ready for the 1st team now.
  12. I can't comment on whether this player is any good, but I think poaching talented young players from English clubs before they break through might be a good policy for Rangere to adopt. It is a policy that a lot of German clubs have taken and was how Dortmund signed Sancho.
  13. Very true but Its bonkers though isnt it. A player who hardly plays for a yo yo club like Watford is unaffordable to us.
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