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  1. To be fair, I would be fucking raging if that had happened to us and we didn’t appeal
  2. Feeling 100% more confident than I was two weeks ago. Watched the highlights of their game last night and they are pish whilst we are getting better. The GVB bounce will get us to the winter break, if we batter them at home they will turn on the fat Aussie very quick, barriers will get launched, whilst we carry on to 56.
  3. Pretty sure it has already been decided who has won this and they just needed two other ‘also rans’ to make it look like a competition
  4. We are just not great at Christmas adverts, are we?
  5. Seen an Alex Ferguson interview a few years ago where he talked about man management. Said everyone knew about the ‘hairdryer’ but the real skill of management was knowing when to do it and more importantly who that had the right effect on. One size does not fit all, and he had to have a completely different style of management when dealing with Keane compared to Beckham. So GVB goes into the dressing room tomorrow, reads the riot act and tells those that don’t want to be there that they can fuck off. How does he then manage those players until the window with the games we have coming up? If GVB is half the coach I hope and believe he is, he should be able to get something from those players who gave us nothing today. Get to the window and hopefully he can start to form his own team and push on from there.
  6. If the club is briefing the BBC of all people, then there is no doubt this is a done deal
  7. I think that would be fit and proper, but i can imagine what Sir Walter would say at the thought of his beloved team delaying appointing a manager ahead of a semi final
  8. Think the government should sponsor RM as part of the Borders Force. The vigilance on here would result in a lot less illegals and drugs coming into Scotland
  9. Aw FFS - are you saying we wont announce GVB until Christmas now? Seriously, the pessimism by some good bears is understandable given the kickings we have received over the last ten years - from the haters but unfortunately also from within at times. But I am very confident that we have turned that particular corner and Gio will be in the dugout for our next game. As someone else said, this will undoubtedly be a complicated contract for not just a manager but backroom staff as well and it is a remarkable turnaround given that our previous manager only left last week.
  10. Compare and contrast to where we were the last time we were looking for a manager and the debate we were having over second rate shite. If it’s either GVB or Lampard we will be ok
  11. I have to say that given my (lack of) knowledge of IT, I actually thought the conversation has been changed to Dutch in honour of GVB’s imminent arrival
  12. Agree- but still gave me a wee buzz to see it
  13. Honestly guys, I have lost the thread as to what you are arguing but pretty sure it’s not about who is going to be our next manager. Maybe take it outside?
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