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  1. Some make the mistake of thinking that fans forums are indicative of the support as a whole, nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of our wide support would claim to be Protestant but a sizeable minority are secular. The same goes for unionism but it’s patently obvious that tens of thousands of Rangers fans vote SNP and voted yes in 2014. Everyone, Anyone.
  2. Think I could have explained myself a bit better. Anyway problem solved and I was not getting at this site at all.
  3. That's great lads, thanks for all your help.
  4. Who owns the various Rangers forums? How do you make contact with the real owner ? e.g. FF.
  5. Cannot see it. I’m sure I saw it on here or another forum a few years ago. Just need to keep looking. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone got the diagram showing stairway 13 superimposed on the new Ibrox?
  7. Glad I never paid a penny to BT.
  8. Am I correct in thinking that ST holders can purchase their seats without being members of MyGers?
  9. At the end of the day it’s either lack of ability or no heart or both, but who signed these players? Do we not do research on players characters before signing them?
  10. Gerrard keeps making the same mistakes over and over. To go with virtually the same team as Wednesday was wrong. Kent and Morelos need dropping. Who do we get if he goes?
  11. Dear BeargerNo.1 Our last League result, at Parkhead, was the perfect way to end the year and meant we moved into the winter break and 2020 with a sharp focus on what can be achieved in the second half of our domestic and European campaigns. Supporter contribution to our remaining games this season will be vital and fans will continue to provide a source of inspiration to the first-team squad and our coaching staff, in particular at Ibrox, where our 50,000 strong support create an atmosphere which is the envy of most other clubs. As always the club is grateful to our 46,000 season-ticket holders but it would be immensely helpful if fans could inform the club when they are unable to attend matches. By doing so, we could pass on these tickets to other supporters, many of whom are on our season-ticket waiting list which currently sits at 15,000. As we enter a potentially defining period for the club, we urge every season-ticket holder to back the team in person at Ibrox Stadium, no matter who the opposition might be. However, we fully understand the demands of modern working practices and family-life commitments must take priority at times so we have relaunched the Seat Sub platform, which offers an easy way to exchange seats when fans cannot make games. Under this scheme the club will return 50% of the ticket price for resold seats to supporters unable to attend matches to be credited against their 2020/21 season ticket. So, if you can’t attend, please use the Seat Sub platform so that another supporter may have the opportunity to attend and help ensure we keep Ibrox roaring for every last minute of this 2020/21 season. If you use the scheme throughout January, you will be entered into a draw to win an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the Hummel Training Centre. For more information or to release your seat for our games against St Mirren or Ross County, visit Rangers.co.uk/seatsub Yours sincerely, Stewart Robertson Steven Gerrard Managing Director Manager
  12. Yes and sang it many times when I was a lot younger.
  13. Nope I’m a big guy with no bladder problems.
  14. BR4 and yes but only Rangers songs. Not interested in pope, Vatican, Rome, Bobby Sands, Ira, UVf etc.etc.
  15. At least Ibrox would be open. If this lot continue we will be banned from Europe, do you not understand that?
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