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  1. Think I could have explained myself a bit better. Anyway problem solved and I was not getting at this site at all.
  2. That's great lads, thanks for all your help.
  3. Who owns the various Rangers forums? How do you make contact with the real owner ? e.g. FF.
  4. Cannot see it. I’m sure I saw it on here or another forum a few years ago. Just need to keep looking. Thanks.
  5. Has anyone got the diagram showing stairway 13 superimposed on the new Ibrox?
  6. Yes and sang it many times when I was a lot younger.
  7. Nope I’m a big guy with no bladder problems.
  8. BR4 and yes but only Rangers songs. Not interested in pope, Vatican, Rome, Bobby Sands, Ira, UVf etc.etc.
  9. At least Ibrox would be open. If this lot continue we will be banned from Europe, do you not understand that?
  10. Beat me to it. Not one word accepting any guilt, just how wonderful they believe they are.
  11. Sorry if in wrong forum, can admin move it?
  12. We had enough eejits there today. Some of our fans just cannot behave.
  13. Sunday 22 September | St Johnstone (A) | KO 12:15 PM Sunday 20 October | Hearts (A) | KO 12:15 PM
  14. Bobby Shearer's medal collection to go up for auction By National Newsdesk TWENTY-ONE medals belonging to late Rangers star Bobby Shearer are going under the hammer this month. The collection, which is being sold by the footballer’s family, is believed to be the largest set of Rangers medals to feature in a single auction. Covering the period 1955 to 1965, they include the former captain’s League Cup and League Championship medals from the Rangers treble-winning 1963/64 season, which could fetch £1500 and £2500 respectively. They will go under the hammer at McTear’s Sp
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